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17th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

That is easily one of the craziest Ohio State games I have ever seen.

Defense was just getting torched in the first half. But OSU keeps fighting. About to tie it up at the end of the half. Fumble.

Pick six to start the second half, suddenly down 14.

Aside from those turnovers, I feel like OSU dominated the actual gameplay in the third quarter. Fought their way back into the game.

Maryland hitting a monster play for a touchdown, then it was instead downed at the 1. OSU holds them (great defensive stand). Penalty. The defense almost holds them again before Maryland fumbles into their own end zone? Crazy.

In overtime, Maryland scores, and it's again spotted at the 1 instead of a touchdown. Another good defensive stand (I actually think they were short).

Huge offensive plays from both times. Big penalties. Teams taking risks. OSU going for it on a 4th down in overtime. Maryland doing a fake punt (although there was a blatant hold they missed).

This Buckeye defense is not very good, especially by OSU standards. But I'm proud that this team kept fighting and found a way to win.

And now we prepare to see the Buckeyes play That Team Up North in the best rivalry in college football.

Great game. O H

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