Twitter Yule Ball 2018

It’s that time of the year again, Potterheads! And just like every holiday season, you get to celebrate Christmas Hogwarts-style at the Twitter Yule Ball 2018!
 The event will take place on the 22nd of December starting 6:00 p.m. GMT, in the Great Hall, i.e. your twitter timeline. You can join in at any time as the event will go on for hours and hours! @‪TheYuleBaII‬ can help you with the time conversion for your specific timezone.


For those of you who haven’t attended in previous years, I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about and how it will possibly work. For starters, it’s a Twitter role-play event where Potterheads from all around the world can celebrate the Yule Ball from the comfort of their bedrooms.
During the event, we’ll be using the hashtag #TwitterYuleBall2018 to keep us connected. You’ll be interacting with fellow Potterheads, tweeting, singing, and filling the timeline with crazy party-related tweets. Our main goal, of course, is to keep the magic of Harry Potter alive. We’ll be getting virtually drunk on butterbeer and firewhiskey, dancing like hippogriffs, role-playing our favourite characters, picturing them in bizarre situations, singing along to songs together, laughing together, and having the time of our lives in celebration of Harry Potter!


A date is NOT mandatory, but it would definitely be great to have one. You could take a friend or go with a group of friends. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have fun.
 Make sure you’re following a range of Harry Potter accounts who are attending in order to maximize your involvement. This is very important! Also, remember to add the hashtag #TwitterYuleBall2018 somewhere in every tweet. Doing this will connect us all and will also increase your chances of being considered for an award, as it is easier to find your tweets.


This year’s award categories are as follows:
Best Dressed Award
House Pride Award

Funniest Drunk Award
Party Animal Award

Cutest Couple Award

Best Role-play Award

Award winners will be announced the following day (December 23rd), and may receive official Harry Potter merchandise as prizes.
 Make sure to tweet your outfit to @‪TheYuleBaII ‬and you’ll be automatically considered for the Best Dressed Award!


We’re proud to say that Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) and Will Dunn (James Sirius Potter) have attended in previous years. We hope to be able to get as many cast members to join us on this magical evening, so make sure to tweet them about it! Or maybe even ask them to be your date.
 For more information, updates, questions, and time conversions, follow @‪TheYuleBaII ‬on Twitter. We’re prepared to help you with anything related to the event.
 Get your dress-robes ready and be prepared to have the time of your lives. I’m really excited to see you all there!

@alwaysdragxns - Alice

The Yule Ball would not be possible without the help of @justinshorcruxx and the founder @HtothePotter

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