Julian Miculcy · @morxzas

15th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger


Leaving Mousesports
After two seasons with Mousesports our contracts ran out and we couldn't find a solution both sides would agree on. The team is leaving Mousesports today officially and will be joining another organisation.
I personally want to thank Mousesports and each everyone involved there for the time. It was an honor joining such a prestiguous organisation. We struggled in the beginning but I feel like we did come back very nicely. I wish them everything the best and hope they gonna win as many titles as possible in the future.

Leaving the team
I'm leaving the team, the new organisation is not able / does not want to pay me enough salary to keep living from coaching the team. When coaching my team is my primary focus, unfortunately I cannot maintain that level of dedication without being compensated for the workload. I wish them everything the best and hope they will maintain successful. It was a great time and a really awesome possibility - I enjoyed every minute.

I wanna special thank easilyy for giving me the chance.

I'm now a F/A looking for a new team to coach. DM me if you are interested, I have a portfolio ready to send for more details.

- morxzas

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