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14th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

Dear my beloved fans,

I'm a or I should be rather saying, I was a HGC KR player Wiz from team BlossoM.
As many of you should kind of have an idea, I will be retiring from Heroes of the Storm professionally.
I could have just left without saying a word, but do not think that will be appropriate for my fans.

I had two biggest regrets while playing Heroes/HGC
First one was changing my role from DPS to Sub-Tank.
Of course, Sub-tank is an important position and the pillar of the team,
but that doesn’t really affect the game too much as a role
(of course not even captured much on screen lol)
Of course, there were some positives or benefits of playing Sub-Tank.
It was at first fun to be doing something new, but there was a charm to be supporting the team,
but to be good at what doesn’t really suit me was really difficult.
The second one was the dream that I had as a player to show that it’s possible to move up if you try hard and to show the viewers an awesome match.
I wanted to make an entertaining fun match for you all,
but slowly, I faded away from doing that as I kept on playing pro.
I had to be the one enjoying if I wanted others to enjoy what I’m doing which didn’t come close.
For that, I do want to say sorry.

The hardest part during playing HGC was rebuilding the roster.
It was the most difficult thing for me to break apart with the ones that I’ve been close with.
Through those happenings, the relationships grew away
and the feeling of sorry when I won against them as an enemy.
Through those events, feeling the sense of the other person avoiding me struck me the hardest.
It wasn’t as easy as I thought to keep the close relationship with them,
but I still wish them the best.

Through meeting good brothers whether older or younger, I was able to play fun games
and play games on stage with many cheering for me.
I have started a relationship with a person who I love.
Also was betrayed by the ones who I had trust lol
To summarize everything that I had related to Heroes of the Storm in this writing may require 100times or more amount of time to finish.
I was able to learn, feel and grow up through playing Heroes HGC.
I will never forget these fine memories.

Now I am going to Overwatch and start again as a coach.
I had interest in Overwatch and I liked the game initially.
There is a good esports system that I wanted.
More than anything else, there are many who recognize my hard work and passion including people who listens to me.
I like that part a lot.
With the bases that I have experienced and felt as a pro player.
I want to teach the players well.
Being afraid of new challenges?
It’s true that I am lying if I said “I’m not scared at all”
But I can aim to achieve my dream once again.
Entertaining the viewers by having a great match and the fact that you can climb higher if you try harder
I don’t know how many foreigner fans will be left by now.
But I wish you continue to root for me in my next challenge
There will be an official announcement for my Overwatch team soon.
Cheer for my new team as well

I have much more to say, but it will be boring if I keep this any longer
I’ll drop my pen down
I wish all the esports fans stay happy and healthy
So long

Ah! I want to give great thanks to Kyocha (GenG SubTank) for acknowledging my plays and giving me compliments. His words became lots of energy for me.

PS) Big thanks to Gclef for the translations. Keep rooting for Gclef as well

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