I didn’t expect the Skemberlu incident to blow up so much and after thinking about it a bit more I realized why it should be blown up. Having played in every region except China for a extended period of time. It’s quite apparent that there’s a lot of racism/sexism/weebism? that affects gameplay. Just yesterday for me 3 out of 5 of my games were ruined and everyone was just all chatting some hate about Peruvians. Although those Peruvians did indeed ruin my game, it doesn’t mean all Peruvians should be shamed from a select few idiots. I believe this Skemberlu incident should be compared with the Solo 322 incident. Just someone being stupid and should be punished but can be a push in the right direction for us Professionals. I hope all pros or players aspiring to be pros take some time to think about just how much pointless hate happens in our pubs and take a stand against it. I just want a better pub experience honestly fuck you assholes.

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