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6th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

Smoke Exploit exposure - @DonHaci

Things you need:

-Hosting your own server W/ the custom smoke + molly files

- -

The exploit works exactly the same as the one exposed by @DonHaci but for it to work on esea it requires you to redirect one of the servers (we used a scrim server going under tell aviv 822 or something) and then it would connect it to yours. Although ESEA prevented the bug we managed to see that when you spam "retry" in console 4-5 times it would download the files but not place you in the server, thus giving you the custom textures. The only reason -WE- (more people still using to this day and actively) were caught is because one of the devs failed to update something in time.

I'm exposing the method to better the current state of ESEA, I'd apologise for using it but the constant flow of death threats and insults has put me off of it. The use of it is for sure scummy, wrong and for sure if I could go back I wouldn't use it but the need to take things that personal and serious is ridiculous. I'll still be actively playing on FACEIT & other platforms (clean ofc).

- bevve

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