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5th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

Dota 2 and the creeps in the world.

Regarding the recent changes to my team I want to thank Gunnar, Robotvice, Slayer for all consoling me and having my back and listening to me vent all the time in one of the more weird and stressful situations of my life.

I probably shouldn't make this post, maybe it's out of spite but I just needed to get this stuff off my chest I personally feel.

Loomdun was coaching our team (obviously not anymore), and I had always heard rumors about the guy being kind of a creep and just not a great guy but I ignored them as other players really seemed to like him. Going further into detail we started preparing for minor qualifiers and he was drafting for us. We talked about how it would be important to draft in person and so I offered for him to come to my house for the weekend qualifiers and for Lokarn/Gunnar/Robotvice etc to come as well for a mini boot camp. It ended up not being able to work out for the rest of the team but Loomdun did decide to come and that began one of the weirdest and just all around awful 3-4 weeks I've experienced.

I don't want to go into specifics but he pretty much sexually harassed me in my own house in front of my roommates and did so in a way which made it very difficult to speak up about it such as trying to do stuff while I was literally in draft for officials after I took over drafting or while I'm trying to talk to teammates/others on discord, constantly closing my door to do this type of stuff. It got to the point where I would turn my stream on so this stuff wouldn't happen for a little while or have my roommates open my door for me while I was playing (which he would get up and close..). I know I should have spoken up but it just felt so difficult to due so at the time with him coaching and helping my team, I never really understand what women meant when they described the "power" aspect of being sexually harassed by bosses, but now I do.

This is the short of it, ignoring the constant attempts to try to get me to sleep with him after I would constantly say I was straight etc and the fact he would tell people he was working with the team to try to sleep with me which I found out about after and much more just weird and uncomfortable things. Following that when he found out I brought it up to my team beforehand he freaked out on me and started just lying to everybody on my team about stuff not realizing I had been informing them about what was happening the entire time it was happening. Just crazy stuff. I don't really wanna go into more specifics but this is just an announcement to everybody, all the rumors you may have heard about Loomdun are probably true and this shit sucked man I don't know it's just crazy.

I've been dicks to plenty of people in Dota or said things I shouldn't have but man I just hope nobody else has to deal with this shit and I had to get this stuff off my chest I don't know why but I did. thanks

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