LFT for Upcoming Seasons

Want to first start this off by truly wishing the absolute best for all my former teammates over at Vicious. @HolidayNOG @R6_Oasis @PiXeLR6 @awilddoodle @RiichR6 A truly amazing group to play with. They will become a more and more serious force to be reckoned with each game and bit of experience they play.

I was offered a coaching position after being asked to step down, which I fully can be exceptional at, If I had the passion to do so. But my heart in still in becoming a top-level comp player. I will be LFT for the upcoming CCS season and the coming CL qualifiers. I have experience on all operators except shields. While I can play all positions, I really feel more comfortable on a non-support role.

I really want to take a quick second and highlight one of the players on the team that is beyond ready, prepared, and hungry to be at the pro level. I've played with Nog from the start of his comp career and have been on multiple teams with him throughout the last 2 years. His deadly passion for the game eclipses just about every player I've talked to be around or on a team with. It only takes watching one match watching him to realize he is an absolute monster on all levels. He is more than worthy of a PL spot and at the absolute least a try out for just about any team in NA in my opinion. Don’t let the memes of him being a BB main cloud any judgments about him. He is extremely versatile and can play every operator in the game.. besides Clash lol. Without getting too long winded on this one subject if any PL team is ever looking for another player please please at least give a look to Nog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And again, best wishes to Vicious. Retweets greatly appreciated.

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