Rest in Peace Bogdan

I didnt tell anyone about it and I also didnt make any tweets about it considering the amount of ppl I reach and out of respect for his family and nearest friends who should get this information from a person who is used to doing that and not by the internet. Bogdan and I played Fortnite together for atleast 2 month every single day to practice for the Twitchcon in America, San Jose. I enjoyed every second of it since he was a super nice and funny person to talk to. This trip to San Jose was the first time me and Bogdan were in the US and I remember us being so stressed out to not make it into finals because of the amount of money we invested to get there. After qualifying for the finals it was literally the best trip ever. We knew we already had the money back from flying over and we could just enjoy life. On the day of finals we told ourselves that whatever happens in finals it doesnt matter. If we succed, if we fail it doesnt matter. After the day of finals we planned to visit some interesting places. So both of us went to sleep, me a little earlier as him. But when I woke up next day and tried to move his arm because it was on my side of the bed I noticed that he was already gone :( I only got to know him for such a short amount of time and he already secured himself a big place in my heart. I will never forget about you Bogdan. Im sorry that I was the last person he spoke too. I just wish I could change things and make him visit his family instead of spending the last minutes of his life with me. All my thoughts and prayers goes to his family and friends. May you rest in peace Bogdan !

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