Thank You.

I know a lot of people gonna think I'm doing this for attention but this is truly to update you guys on how I've been doing with everything in my life so to all my supporters please read.

It has officially been a year for a lot of things that I've started doing for myself since Nov 1st last year.

Lost 105 pounds 340 to 235
I hit a bit of a slump towards the end of this year that killed my focus so I stopped going to the gym but I'm back at it now 4 times a week and today is Core Day.

Saving money better.

Quit Smoking Cigs (Nov 1st last year was my last cig and trust..

Made sure I was more happy with myself and not putting my energy in anyone else except true family and friends
(Somewhat accomplished)

Control my anxiety a little bit which I always knew what it was and i had it before with smaller issues in life,but it hit me like a MAC TRUCK last year and learned how to deal with it a bit and I understood how to pinpoint what was causing it.learning how to take more control…….but still a struggle and that's fine because without struggle,there is no progress.

Keep my circle of friends very small!
Might be the smallest ever actually but my real homies out there,ya know who ya are...Thank You.

Trying to get a body like necalli 😂
not even close! but I do see more definition in my arms,legs and upper body but my belly can use waaaay more work! I'll be happy if I can achieve just half his body! Lmfao!

Battling my low self esteem
at one point in my life last year I felt like the most ugliest person in the world and I wasn't really paying attention until I hit a low and really looked at the mirror to have a conversation with myself...still working on it but I do feel a bit better about myself.

Just really reflecting on my life from last year to now and the one thing I learned throughout the year was “Discipline”

Discipline with what I was eating,how I manage my time,the gym,my emotions(I still have trouble with this but I have learned how to pinpoint what causes however I'm feeling and learned how to control it a bit better)

You can always be Motivated to do something but how Disciplined are you gonna be to keep feeding that motivation?

A lot of things I wanted to do for the FGC last year (Like streaming a lot!) But i wasn't disciplined enough to do it because i truly had to focus on my mental health and overall well being.

One thing that I can say that helped me through it all…..was truly the Fighting Game Community.
You guys have no idea how much a lot of you that support me has helped me keep it together when I thought I couldn't.

I personally wanna say thank you to you guys...I'm sorry if I haven't done enough or haven't met you guys expectations...But I want you guys to know because of the love I have for fighting games and the love I received over the years...especially this year from everyone… has truly showed me how blessed I am to be alive right now.

I dunno how long this ride will last with me and the FGC and the world of gaming as a whole...but I'm gonna ride it till the wheels fall off because I want to….and because I truly love it.

From the bottom of my heart…..Thank You guys for the love and support! You guys have no idea how big of a part you guys played when the chips was down for me to keep it together.

I WILL stay IFC Now and Forever For my Friends,Family and for the Supporters who really love and enjoy what I do...
And that's to just be me!


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