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28th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

Issus within siege from my POV - includes statistics / stats from other games.

Lising issues within the game that comes to mind ( might forget some, Sorry - can add more as we go . ) also No grammar police, im jamming out just writing down thoughts.

Main issues regarding mental health, better player mindset & proactivity within the game

The obvious: Lion/glaz, Dokkeabi, Ying ( flashbangs in general ) shield hipfire & maverick

I will stay away from lion seeing as they voiced a rework same with glaz - you get the idea of the issue with them.

forever ringing phone that gives no disadvantage to her self or her team ( make the phone stop ringning after X seconds or make it a constant use for her same as pulse gadget for it to continue to ring, makes it 4v5 but with advantage )

Ying ( and flashbangs ) :
The csgo flashbang mechanic is amazing, the one in siege not so much, you look away and you still get flashed, this doesnt occur TOO often with regular flashes
But happens on almost every occasion with ying candelas as they go everywhere, you can prone, look into a wall & Still get fully flashed.
Either reducing amount of flashes, or simply increase the time before they go off between each flash or reworking the flash range/radius or simply mechanic would be a fix for this problem.
Back in the day she had a SUPER weak gun, but they buffed it by 9 damage in the most recent biggest gun patch, and now its on par with other guns PLUS perma flashes?

Shield hipfire:
Obvious issue, its RNG ( random number generator based ) aka LUCK. you click 100 times with the mouse, get 50 different outcomes, 5 of them are headshots. ( headshot = insta death to opponent )
I don't know if there is a viable fix for this, but it plays into the mindset of the player feeling useless against it, imagine no counter for mira windows, you see it, you recognise it and you cant do anything about it.
This ALSO almost exactly transfers over to maestor cams & echo drones, Maestro cams CANNOT BE DESTROYED unless you have an explosive or maverick ( very unlikely maverich can get close to it, unless positioned super aggresivly anyway )
Something as simple as "hacking" the cam holding F for a few seconds and disabling it, making maestro a passive and strategical positioned gadgte, rather than just nobrain put it down and omg they know its there, cant destroy it and EVERYONE. can spot on it, even when dead.

This also plays into the role of Echo, with Maestro only HE can move it, and ONLY while he is alive, gadget is visible and blinks red.
Echo has 2 invisible drones EVERYONE can rotate them and EVERYONE can spot with them, the only counterplay is IQ/thatcher ( this is NOT a big deal for pro play, but rather for ranked, those two ops are rarely played since IQ lost frags, and its a super big "quality of life" issue that the game faces.
Make it so only echo can move them such as maestro, or so only echo or maestro can spot ON them.

Obviously no counterplay, breaks several bombsites apart, ESPECIALLY new Club House, has amazing weapon, flashbangs, 3 speed & can tear apart anything within the game without making a sound.
Siege is amazing due to it being so dynamic and ever changing, but the foundation which Maverick was made upon does not allow for creative, balanced or fun use, ONLY for the maverick player, its a big quality of life issue as it narrows down "win conditions" and "awareness" seeing as you wont know unless you peek it, which often results in dying.

Bugs - small fixes & general patches & communication

Biggest one: Silent dropping, Ubisoft "patched" it ( removed it they claimed ) which actually made it from 50% reproduceable to 100% or 90 % reproduceable, they " patched it" and made it EASIER to abuse, a fix still hasnt been voiced by them or done anything towards.
The punishment for playing on a hatch or elevated area of the map is that you make a drop noise ( sound queue ) which gives it away to the enemy team that you moved, same way how proning has a unique sound-queue or how you can tell a 1 speed from a 3 speed.
with this not being present anymore you never know if someone dropped a hatch or elevated area, making it a complete guess ( RNG, luck ) over skill, as your decision making is clouded by a game breaking mechanic.

General bugs, this is a very wide topic, they dont get patched fast enough, some dont even get patched at all. A good example is you can get to pink sails on coastline in 5 different ways, they patch them 1 by 1, in current time there are only 2? possible ways to get there now, a year ago there were 5.
But this is where it feels like ubisoft is confused? if the spot is intended, and allowed for ESL use ( proleague, we have rules against glitch spots ) why are they patching it? and why arent they FULLY patching it? ( removing the posibility to even go there )


One of the biggest complains ever voiced by the pro players as far as I am aware of, which is. YES. you guessed it, C O M M U N I C A T I O N .
Any healthy relationship or work environment requires good communication, so is it by random that we have almost none of it and the game is falling apart? I think not. We CANNOT hold anyone accountable to fixing the game, when they simple arent saying what theyre fixing/want with the game.
Multiple big companies or games within esport/pro scenes have weekly/monthly or ever X month dev blogs, videos often voice-overed or even video recorded to give us a persona to feel emotionaly attached to, look at jeff ( Spelt ? ) in overwatch, the guy is incredible, he talks about upcoming features, fixes, early alpha stage of the game and so on.
we can hold overwatch dev team/balancing team ACCOUNTABLE via him as a medium of which we have personal attachment towards. This is something where UbiJustin or Epi would be ideal ( as an example ) they represent the game and the firm, but they dont have any impact or say in development, theyre community people ( as far as I know )

We've had multiple pro-league workshops and usually we are faced with poor work stations ( 60 hertz, 60 fps hardware ) as well as when we often point out massive issues in design or powercreep ( Noun. power creep (uncountable) (collectible games, video games, role-playing games) The situation where updates to a game introduce more powerful units or abilities, leaving the older ones underpowered.)
We are often answered with a "sorry but this comes out in two weeks, its too late to change anything" well then why are we there? if we cannot impact it before it goes late? communication/schedule/timing seems completely off? I'd love to help out, but what motivation do I have if what i'm saying cant be listened to EVEN if they wanted?

Ubisoft appears to be afraid to do what many companies do, which is going back on their word / admitting to a flawed philosophy, this is something Blizzard ( world of warcraft ) has been faced with for the last 2-3-4 years with development team, president of the firm & general direction of the game, and I dont blame blizzard OR ubisoft for this BECAUSE:
The consumer DOES NOT know what they want, they simply know what they DONT want, and even what they "Dont" want to have, are they even aware of why they dont want it? and this is probably why Ubisoft is looking so heavily at statistics rather than community based answers, it makes sense, I agree. But you also have a dedicated pro scene and a small part of the community who ACTUALLY plays the game
5-12 hours a day EVERY DAY and has since the game was in beta/alpha ( yes we exist, we are nerds )

Example: At riot people within the firm are FORCED to play the game during work hours to understand the product which they work with and engage with the community, and I dont wanna say none of the siege devs play the game because i'm sure they do, BUT! I must admit it does not appear many of them do play it. Not on PC, and not above gold level. I'm not expecting devs to be near pro players because they made the game thats unrealistic BUT:
I do expect them to understand why something should be flawed BEFORE they release it to the public, Lion, Dokkeabi, Ying, Glaz with thermal etc etc etc - It appears that WE need to test it for them? and that they dont find any issues with them during in-house testing? which is odd, obviously there will be times where something slips out, but this often? NAH.

Advertisement and quality of life improvement:

The biggest advertisement outside of youtubers/content creation is the proleague ( im a proleague player, obviously i'll appear biased on this topic )
and we fail to advertise it properly to the community that this is something that is happening weekly? why not try to push for numbers, engage with the community, I'm not asking for you to force them with credits or charms, BUT give them the option to by advertising it so THEY can choose wether its worth their time or not.

Same thing goes for skins & micro-transactions, the ingame store is a mess to navigate ( I always use steam for it coz its easier ) but also the pure lack of profit that we are missing out on from this? All proleague sets are just re-colors released every 3 months per season as "exclusive content, costing 6-7 euros PER for a re-skin and no unique weapon skins or universal, its a scam."
We could literaly ask community members to design skins FOR ubisoft ( same style as valve, csgo ) and get feedback/inspiration and collab on such things, it would cost ubisoft NOTHING but theyd make profit and get taken workload off their hands to allocate them elsewhere. Becauase to be frank, 70% of the skin content SUCKS.
Fortnite is F2P so they rely on micro-transactions and thats why most of their skins are so damn good AND why so many people buy them/Hype them etc, but we dont have that luxury currently. we're simply super behind on this topic.
I dont wan't P2W ( Pay to win ) skins like twitch elite ( her drone gets harder to spot ) but simply skins that are a choice wether a person wants or not. I own 90% or more of all skins in the game but I dont like most of them, I might have poor taste I apologise, but I DO believe we can do better.

This also comes back to the whole "accountable" point I made earlier, Siege has NEVER really had a super smooth run since I played it in 2015 Oct. during the Beta. and A lot of people seem to have taken that to heart? its okay, it wont be perfect, its fine theyll fix it eventually, its okay they are working as hard as they can? F!#" No.
HOLD people to HIGHER standards, expect BETTER results, dont be okay with siege "stagnating, expect constant growth, hold people to those expectations and push people more.

Siege has had a loss of 10-15% of its ENTIRE playerbase on steam in the last 30 days, yes this is for multiple reasons, recently Red dead redemption 2 came out, few week(s) ago BLOPS4 ( black ops 4 ) etc but the numbers were slowing down even before so, and i'm sure they will come back, its normal to lose viewers at the mid/end of content release.
But the issue with siege has always been a MASSIVE loss of players followed by a massive increase. Feb 2017 after the first invitationals we had a 50% increase in playerbase T HATS CRAZY. but we lost 27% of that within the next 2 months ( inflation of numbers, of course. ) half of them still stayed its progress )
Then 13% loss in oct 2017
25% loss in April 2018
and now 15% last 30 days.

Upon new content we usually see a 15-30% increase in playerbase, which slowly decreases with time, then a boost, then slowly down again. and this has lead siege to have a somewhat consistent growth, but in an un-healthy way ( in my opinion )
We are simply lacking quality of life changes halfway through Dlc's its either BOOM CONTENT. or a dry desert with no content, and its hard to keep a lot of people satisfied ( this hasnt been a very big issue until recently in my opinion ) but when the game is at a rough point like it is currently, this applies more than ever, THE GAME ISNT FUN.( for the most part ) You can HAVE/CREATE fun, play at the right time with the right people with the right mindset.
But for the most part ranked is a mess and this brings me to my next point:

Ranked, matchmaking, quality of life & balancing.

Ranked matchmaking is piss-poor. Now thats out of the way.
DIAMOND is 4500 ( thats a joke ) The highest archieveable rank is where pro players, esl players, big time investment players or streamers/content creators play, not your average joe who plays 2 hours after work ( no offense but this is true ) and i'll explain why.
LOL ( league of legends ) top 500 challenger
Heartstone Legendary ( top X, I believe less than 0.3 - 0.5 % of players
Starcraft grandmaster
list goes on. In these competetive games people who arent grinding hours upon hours with massive experience WILL NOT reach the highest rank avaible. Does that mean diamond is the issue? No. Its either a lack of more ranks, OR simply the amount of points between reach rank. Let me humble brag. I had the world record of most allocated elo gotten without cheating ( 7003 ranked points, diamond is 4500 ) but this doesnt give me anything more than a boosted diamond player?
I'm fighting 2500 points OVER the max rank with 0 benefit or 0 bonuses? WHY am I even playing at this point? Simply to prove how far you can get, and 7003 elo seems to be the answer. RIGHT when this was written ( 10/28/18 ) I have the most elo in the world on r6tab on a non boosted account, being 6750 on a 85% winrate basis and 2.1 KD respectively ) and I am STILL being put against/with plat 3/2/1 and low diamonds who are SIGNIFICANTLY worse than what diamond should be ( in my opinion )
and its not their fault the matchmaking system sucks, but the matter of the fact is, IT DOES suck.

My other point to this is that no matter HOW good you are, you should NEVER be able to go from level 0 to 20 and then un-ranked to diamond in 12 hours. WHICH I can do in siege.
2-3 hours of T-hunt gets you level 20, un-ranked to diamond takes 7-9 hours with a few losses ( 2 losses last time I tried ) and yes this massivly affected by luckj, what maps, what opponents, what teammates etc etc etc. BUT the fact that its possible shows how flawed the system is in gaining/losing elo especially early on, in a ranked season / ranked account.
IN NONE of the other games mentioned can you get max rank within that time-span. Back in league of legends when level 30 was required you couldnt even get max level to queue ranked. not sure if overwatch can be done in those hours either to get level 25 ( havent tried )
And thats a massive concern, obviously this doesnt affect that many people as I am in the position that I am for a specific reason which is very unique, BUT it still affects everyone involved just on a smaller rank scale, this applies to silver, gold, plat etc.
You get a 10 win streak in silver, and BOOM youre basically gold now? you've improved SIGNIFICANTLY in 10 games? NO. you got weak opponents/got lucky or just had some good games. Rank should to some degree represent your skill, and most importantly we need gold 1/2/3/4 to MATTER, right now the numbers dont matter youre just "gold"
Diamond 1 or diamond 5 in league of legends is MASSIVE in difference, to the point of distinquisment by just watching gameplay for a few minutes and look at decision making ( used to be when I played atleast back in S2/3/4 )

I honestly can't tell if half my opponents are gold or diamond half the time, same goes for some of my team-mates, and this is also a big reason why soloqueue isnt very common, because if you get a "boosted" player on your team, youre very likely to lose unless they also have a "boosted" player.
The term "boosted" means the following : MMR Boosting (Match Making Rating, also known as Elo Boosting) is an act where a player (The Booster) logs into another player's account (The Boostee) to play a ranked game.
This is obviously not what I am refering to, in my case I'm actualy talking about being boosted by THE SYSTEM, your very own friend betrayed you, the matchmaking system. its not your fault you're in a place you dont belong, its simply the systems flaws, but it impacts you and the people around you, and often leads to negativity/toxcitity

Example: Increase points between reach rank within each division by 300
Change how gaining/losing points work where a 51% winrate would increase in rank, but slowly, currently in siege if you have a flat 50% winrate youre actually DE-CREASING in ranked elo, I gain +1 +5 +10 max +15 and I lose between 10-50. But early in the season I gain 100 and lose 50? meaning I can lose two games for every win and still be equal? it makes no sense.
Idea of making promotion games? such as league of legends? get 100 points, and play a b03 to rank from silver 3 to 2, when upgrading division from silver to gold it becomes a bo5? you lose, and you get back to 60-70 points and can try again.
It has massive downsides but also massive upsides, just a potential idea / food for thought ( I think thats a saying )

philsosophy behind operators : Interactive vs passive

I want you to be completely honest and think about this
If you had to pick between doc or rook which would you choose and why? ( this depends on rank and purpose of playing, i'll break it down )

Most people based off my studies ( higher elo players, viewers on stream and friends ) would pick Doc. why? simply because he allows for a bigger skillcap and has a DECISION BASED INTERACTIVE MECHANIC. his stim pistol.
Most of the people who chose rook was because "i can put down my armor, roam and just die, my team doesn't get impacted by that, infact they benefited due to my armor ) ( oh and I have impacts to run around )

Both arguements are fair, they are both reliable and can be argued for. But in my opinion the doc interaction ( Which is more complicated to develop im sure ) works a lot better.
and this is where the philsosophy behind Finka, Dokkeabi, Lion etc went wrong. 1 button press non interaction based gadget which you cannot control the use or outcome of, lets say a team-mate with a high recoil gun was spraying at this target, and gets finka'd because his other teammate was injured, he will suddenly be shooting at the floor due to his recoil being gone out of nowhere, without being able to react to it?
BUT his injured team-mate specifically called for the finka to get revived so he wouldnt die? This is exactly why Finka is where she is currently ( not accounting for her actual gadget viability, etc )

It's for the same reason why Lion is played AND banned so much more than ying. To be a good ying player ( lets look at Hungry who now plays for penta ) You have to be a TALENTED ying specific player, it requires UNDERSTANDING of how to use the gadget nad how it works, her strengths and weaknesses. Hungry is one of the only players IN THE WORLD, who often gets target-banned for his ying, he is known as the best ying player in europe ( possibly the world )
where as Lion? well.... anyone can play him, my brother, mother etc, people who don't even play video-games can infact play that operator and when I tell them to press middle-mouse button the same effect happens as when a profesional player with THOUSANDS of hours in the game.

Fun story, during atlantic city proleague finals we were practicing I believe fnatic, Fabian who was playing Lion on coastline at the time had his monitor go dark, and he called admins to fix it. They LITERALY unplugged the monitor, carried it away, and we played 4v5. But fabian was still ingame, and we thought hmmm he could just press middle-mouse button when we tell him and we win, right?
So we did. 1 early lion charge to gain map pressure, and 1 lion charge upon rushing bomb-site and boom, we just won the entire round 4v5 with a player missing his monitor. it was easier than playing 5v5 without the lion infact. ( true story, we talk about it all the time )

and this philsosophy needs to be applied to all current and up and coming operators before they get released as a saftey net ( in my opinion )

Multiple pro's are tweeting and are agreeing on the following ( this is a tweet from lacky ) I've found for months that not playing the games makes me better at competitive Siege. Ranked just enforces bad habits. - and this is something that is super true to Siege, while its not the fault of ranked or development itself but it is definately a factor, that ranked builds bad habits for the competetive scene, this is where R6TM'S faceit/ESEA etc for COMPETETIVE players would be amazing, I dont wanna go too in-depth as I wanna keep this
Open to as many players as possible without limiting to a small % of the playerbase but I wanted to voice it because its true.

Something that came to my attention that I forgot to add was my take on acogs, EVERY SINGLE attacker has the option to use acog yet only 2 meta operators ( echo and maestro, both of which are support, intel gaterhing/cam operators ) have them, I'd love to see less acogs on attack, I understand acog on defense is stronger than attack but I hate the fact that attackers dictates angles 90% of the time due to having acogs, I also think acogs sub-conciously build a bad habit for angle holding/afking and waiting for enemy to get impatient/make a mistake rather than pushing and gain ground due to making a play/being a better player / taking a risk.

I think a quality of life change which we can easily introduce is a "forgive" mechanic upon being team-killed seeing as accidents do happen, and its pointless people get kicked for it for no reason.

We've already seen a lot of content creators, youtubers/Streamers etc putting out less content, or feeling less GOOD about putting it out, the will/motivation to play isnt what it used to be for a lot of people, and without exposure the games growth also gets hit which negativly affects everyone, from sales to viewership.
making ranked a good environment is one of the biggest key factors to keeping content creators around, seeing as its the "only" thing to do.**

we GREATLY. need a new warmup mechanic ( TH keeps crashing ) and also isnt very functional towards the goal of practice, look at CSGO custom aim maps for referance. constant spawning people running at you or standing still, infinite ammo and diffrent modes/weapons.
also T-hunt doesnt get patches applied to it, so whenever a recoil change is made its not active in the T-hunt. until the most recent sight alignment fix TH was almost a year old in terms of recoil and patches.

Crouching: is essential to a good FPS in my opinion, BUT spam crouching with no penalty of aim or movement is a big no-no look at csgo's spam crouch restrictions and why it works so well.
In siege you lose 80% of movement sound when walking crouched, but only gets movement reduced by 20-30% ? which means you can EASILY peek while crouched, while greatly reducing sound, You cant slow-peek corners coz of angle holding but with crouching youre walking BELOW the scope, BELOW pre-aim angle while walking fast & making NO noice? it goes against the nature of an FPS the same way blackbeard face-shield does, its extremely punishable for skillcap, as it favors aiming for the chest, WHICH should not be the case in a 1 shot headshot game.
This also gets put into an even worse scenario when you add leaning into the metric, you can peek, lean peak, crouch peek, crouch lean peek, and crouch spam lean peek. its too many alterations for it to be healthy.
Just like with movement speeds we have 1 armor 2 armor 3 armor
Sprint - walk - slow walk - couch - slow crouch & prone ( each of these times 3, due to 3 speed/armor types )

TLDR before feedback replies from social media:

INCREASE decision making, reduce elements that restrict player evolvment / skillcap / learning curve
Less global gadgets, more communication and more frequent fixes/patches, more competetive ( in the sense of maps and settings, casual vs ranked etc )
More community involvment ( Skins etc )
Ubisoft making themself being held accountable, voicing current fixes, future fixes, plan with the game & more. Also release information earlier ahead of time so people can help resolve them ( help with TTS, or theorycrafting from pro player side )

Feedback from twitter :

The game is not enjoyable because of the the global abilities as well as the stale gameplay. When ever you reach a certain rank, the composition of the opposing teams seems to always be the same. You don’t even need a drone phase anymore. - This is an issue that seems to apply due to lack of smaller patches affecting the meta, usually in MOBA games theyre quite good at making minor changes to champions that affects the bigger picture, imagine a slight nerf to smoke back when his pick-rate was 100%
or when Lesion had a small buff in his gadget recharge timer, all these small factors play in, we need more changes to rotate meta if we wanna keep it fresh, the game is meta-based which means certain ops will have prio over others, and if you wanna win you HAVE to pick those.

Wanna know why I "semi-retired", Niclas? Simple: Apart from the fact that I was never able to actually improve at the game, no matter if I tried to learn a few things from you, from Lauren or any other, the toxicity and the fact that Ubi won't fix issues got me to stop playing. - Going back to mainly being about communication/resolving of issues

My biggest frustration for this game is how ranked builds bad habits for players who want to get into competitive. I would like prologue format to be ranked and the current ranked system to be casual. - This also applies in the form of more competetive map-pool in ranked, and perhaps its time to make casual 3 minutes to prepare people for ranked, currently casual is SO far away from ranked that its an entirely different game, you dont choose spawn or bombsite, and its forcing your patching to explore the map/game which restricts learning curve, with ranked being so differnt i think a lot of people are hesitent to try it.

I dont play atm cause none of friends play siege. And playing siege solo isnt fun at all. - goes back to people quitting the game, and soloQ being in a terrible ( non-existing state ) either you solo carry or solo lose.

After you reach diamond there is no more incentive to play the game,begins to feel boring as you are no longer playing for anything - Something I wanted to voice myself too, In league of legends after you reach gold you get a "victorious" skin which only gold + people have, it pushes people to pursue higher rank even if they dont think they are good enough,simply to partake in a rare skin and unique collection and be proud of the archievement, there is no such incent, in this game its your highest ranked EARNED that gives you a rank based charm, not even CURRENT rank.

Repetition of overpowered operators being introduced, Hit-registration is awful (far worse than BO4), The developers take MONTHS to fix broken operators, Ranked is complete aids with players being overly toxic every game, Solo queuing puts you against 5 stacks. Just a few things. - a lot of things being summerized from already spoken of topics - soloQ vs 5 stack ( match making )

generally unbalanced operators; or operators with low input high reward i.e global abilities, makes the game unenjoyable -

Unbalanced matchmaking and players not being in their legit rank.

A lot of ping/hitreg issues being mentioned which I wont take from there, most hitreg related issues are lack of limb-penetration/dynamic animations, and ping isnt an issue on ubisoft's side besides more servers allocated to more/less popular areas.

I love siege but stopped playing mainly because poor operator balance, i hate when i cant go on the objective cause of clash or when i cant move cause of lion. Those issues can be fixed really fast but we have a serious update like once a month, its stupid

I get qued with diamonds when I’m a silver

Who in their right mind gave BB/Ela/Lion the green light in their release state? Other than simply OP ops there is another class: frustrating ops. Blitz again, Clash, bugged sound Maverick. Shouldn't a video game be FUN to play above all else? 2/x

paused because nerfs and buffs feel really random. somehow lion is still walking around, but smg's got nerfed into oblivion. Generally i wish we would have the PL format to atleast ban operators.

It’s how Ubisoft interacts with their community: not at all. For every single fucking fix we need to wait like 2-3-4 months. Fucking annoying sorry

Better reporting options! “Toxic behavior” as the only option with no way to explain feels like nothing is being done. As a female, this is frustrating. I dont want to manually report to ubi support every time to feel like something is being done.

I haven't quite the game but im about to because:
Tired of new glitches coming out
Lack of new content
Operators come every 3 months and anyone can master using them in a few weeks
No new actual mode being added to the game

1. Audio ( lack there of )
2. Lesion, Blitz, Kapkan, Fuze shield, Lion, Dokkebi, Ela traps, BB,
3. Crouch walking
4. Hit reg
5. Region lock / lack of servers
6. Bad maps / night mode still in ranked
7. Slow and ineffective dev team
8. QE spam

The end.
If youve made it this far then you were either bored, passionate about the game, or simply wanted a reason to like or hate me.
I do wanna say that there are many things great about this game that I love, the game alone has given me a platform, a community, it is making me a living & the last 3 years of my life have BY FAR been the best years on earth, I am 21 years of age and I got so much left to learn, and so many things left I wanna experience
and siege dying before its time is not one of them, when I complain its for the love of the game and the passion that I believe most of the community shares.

Not everything that is worth talking about is in here, I made this in an hour sitting down constantly writing and tried to come up with everything, I dont wanna delay the making of this by waiting a few days, i'd rather add more onto it as time goes on and people come up with more things to add.
Thank you.

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