Obey roster going into group stages

Hello Oboys, Ofams, Oladies.
So i might not be making group stages and possibly not worlds.
Its just an unfortunate timing really, with our daughters due date coming up right before the lan.
It would suck to miss worlds and all we worked towards for this year but maybe with a bit of luck
i can make both happen. Would be a great year to first meet my tiny girl and then win worlds. At the end of it i would rather be there for when my first child is born cause i think i would regret missing that more than i would regret coming second again.............

Anyway, we have been practicing with Phlippo on and off so hes ready to sub in for me.
Phlippo is the midlaner from SML team Stellar, but you should know that already.
And i am confident that they can make it to worlds even if im not there and Phlippo will pop off..

The world wasent ready to be Hayzed


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