warning to all escorts about police sting

on wedsday oct 24 I was arrested in plano texas for solicitation in a sting. My driver was arrested and charged as well. with promoting prostitution and possesion.

When we were intervied they accused him and me of traficking girls. They had a log in they used to look in my bedpage and ebackpage acounts. they said bedpage and google give the police access and i actually watched them log in and out of my account.

bedpage is either hacked or its a scam by them. they make us use google to log in and create accounts becasue the police have access and can see everything we do.

they showed me were i was posting from, the IT address, and they used that to see the hotel and wifi, they even knew that my phone i carry is not the phone i post from. they showed me a map of everyplace i had been in the past few days. its like they bugged my phones through bedpage.

this is an invasion of prviacy and my lawyer says he is gonna help sue me. but I am never logging in or using those sites again. bedpage has like 5 names anyway and the cops TOLD me they are helping them. ibackpage, newbackpage bedpage and ebackpage are all the same.

PLEASE help me tell everyone. sexworkers are about to get screwed becasue of these pop up sites. send this to every provider you can.

I am setting up a gofund me to help with legal fees and will post that soon. but we need to warn others about this.

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