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26th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

So twitch finally announced chat logs. Heres whats gonna happen.

So twitch finally announced chat logs. Some of you might be wondering what that means for the future of the logviewer.
First of all, I was made aware of this several months ago and gave lots of feedback as to how they could implement such a thing. I am thrilled to see they took most of my feedback to heart and I cant wait to see what they will release in January, this is a big step forward.

So what will happen to the logviewer? I cant say that quite yet, but obviously that takes away a lot of the need for a 3rd party solution. However, there is a LOT of features I never implemented that I might finally get around to - not having to deal with log storage can help me build amazing tools that wouldn't have been possible before. Here's some examples that I don't think twitch will have any time soon:
- Moderator activity stats and analysis
- Full chat log, including full text search (we will have to see about that)
- Public logs, accessible to non-moderators (again, we will have to see)
and much more, we have to see what features they have in their implementation, but I know for a fact there's still ways the logviewer can benefit streamers, mods and viewers in the future.

Will it be different? Yes, of course. What will be? I cant conclusively say until I've been able to test the changes.
Here's some things that will happen however:
1. I am putting logviewer v4 dev on hold. This allows me to focus on uni and tools for ESA
2. I am going to try and get early access to these features in order to allow a smooth transition over to the new system
3. Ill try not to have the database crash and burn by January.

Thanks to all of your support over the years, lets see what the future might bring to the table!
- CBenni

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