The whole situation with Bpro

I want to mention that i am not doing this because something happened between the players or something, but because "Bpro Gaming" management lied about the contract and pushed me 1 month earlier to sign the new contract.

I’ve asked for a buy out clause point in when we were signing the new contract and they agreed in front of all the players during meeting. I asked the CEO of Bpro to confirm if there is such an option (buy out clause),he confirmed that there is such clause in new contract. When Windigo approached me with offer, i wanted to go work hard for my dream and prove myself on highest level. When Windigo CEO offered buyout to the CEO of Bpro, he literally asked x3 price of what we have talked in that day on the meeting, and he said to me that we don't have such a clause "buy out" and he can ask for whatever price he want. Okaaay, i asked to buy out my contract after that for the price listed in my contract and he declined aswell. So for now I’m going to ask lawyers to help me solve this situation and follow my dream to join Windigo. I’ve sent gear that they provided back to Bpro. Hope I will be able to join Windigo soon.

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