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22nd Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

Moving on from CG, a quick reflection and whats next!

After finishing a great LAN event and seeing this season off this post is to announce that I’m leaving CyberGamer and stepping down from all roles. I just wanted to make this post a bit longer to thank a few different people and talk about what I’m looking to do next.
Thanks to CyberGamer as a whole, I started my esports journey as a player almost six years ago and my Admin journey two. Since then I’ve been apart of all but 1 LAN event they have hosted for CS:GO and have had somewhere to learn and grow my skill set as well as my name.

Kevin/Karath - you were the one who first got me over for an event in Adelaide after I had only been an admin a few months and you pushed for me to be brought back again and again. With you stepping down from esports I wanted to say another massive thanks for everything you have done for me and the overall scene.

Steve/Cyanide - by far my biggest mentor in esports I owe a lot of what I’ve been able to achieve and know because of you, hope we get to work with or get together more in the future. Looking forward to seeing you at PAX.

Everyone who attended a CG LAN event - you guys, players to spectators and everything in between are what make this a great thing to be involved with, I’ve never walked away from an event without making more friends than when I walked in. This community is great, and I appreciate being a part of it daily.

The CG admin team - you guys have been a great bunch of guys to work with, right back from those who started with or before me as well as the ones who have started since.

And everyone else involved and that I’ve met along the way - Jeremy, Judge, Matt, Conky, Mac and everyone else as there is too many to name

Moving on from CG will hopefully allow me to take my next step in esports, for now I’m working at PAX this weekend and the ESL LAN in Brisbane a couple weeks after, but I don’t want it to stop there. I’m hoping to continue my current work and step that up for the end of this year and the start of next year.

I’m open to all avenues of work in esports, ranging from working at events like I have been doing (CS:GO or otherwise) to doing online work like I did for CG to even working with an organisation if the opportunity arose, helping with team management or something similar is something I definitely want to try at some point.

If anyone wants to contact me about future work or anything related send me a twitter dm or email me at nickeastick@gmail.com

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