Update on health and life.

So, i'm not the type to post or talk about this stuff publicly but I feel like my health has gone slightly down hill and keeps going down gradually, and i'm hoping that sharing this will relieve stress because i'm mentally and physically in pain. I've gone through tests but not the ones I really needed and I didn't realize it until a couple days ago. I know being extremely stressed can cause pain and damage within the body, I feel the pain inside, it's affecting everything negatively, my sleep and just my life over all. Laying in bed at night, not knowing what's wrong with me, when I have a strong feeling something isn't right. I'm not the type to get depressed easily and it takes a lot to reach a breaking point. I try my best to stay positive, stay strong but the thoughts I have keep returning. I hope that cs will take my mind off of this stuff and I won't break down mentally.

Recently found out i'm highly sensitive to a lot of foods that I was used to eating daily, explains why I wasn't healing and i'm not sure how accurate some of these results are but my stomach is pretty damaged. I'm taking medicine daily 2 - 3 times a day, i'm hoping for the best.

This isn't a cry for help or asking for support, I wanted to give an update to ease my mind and I know others go through similar situations or have been through worse.

Thanks for reading.

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