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19th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

Skinhub scam situation, Vlad Nov and personal threats against me and my family

I'm known as "Monarch", I'm one of the founders of CS:GO Empire.
Most of you probably know me as the person who exposed csgowild.com and skinhub.com and the people behind it for running a chain of scams.
These websites are operated by the chain fraudster that most of you probably already know: Vladimir Novosselov, as known as "Vlad Nov".

First of all I have to say that I deeply regret ever getting involved into this. I never intended to become the public figure or the face behind this. At first I wanted to do this completely anonymously, but one thing led to another and here I am:
I'm now the person that publicly exposed a Russian mega-millionaire criminal. You can probably understand how scary this is for me.

It all began in December 2017. After I found undeniable evidence about one of the largest CSGO gambling sites rigging bets, I did what was the right thing to do. I contacted several large Youtubers, journalists and other people who could spread the story. In the end, one of my good friends ended up posting a Twitlonger link written by me, which contained all the evidence of Vladimir Novosselov being the owner of csgowild.com/Skinhub.com and undeniable evidence of them using a fake "provably fair" system in order to rig games in their favour.

It turns out that one of the Youtubers that I spoke with, ended up telling Vladimir that I was the one who wrote the tweet. At that point I thought that the situation couldn't get any worse, so I started posting piles of evidence about him on my personal Twitter account and I got several journalists to write news posts about the story.

It didn't take long for Vladimir to retaliate. Only a couple days later, I noticed various personal attacks directed at me. The first and the most obvious one was the chain of massive DDoS attacks directed at the servers of my business, CSGO Empire. We have been used to receiving DDoS attacks on a weekly basis, but this chain of attacks was completely different. The raw capacity of the attacks, the length of it and just overall how well it was organized was something that we've never seen before. The people behind this clearly knew what they were doing. There is also no doubt that the attacks were directly linked to the evidence we had posted about Vlad, as they started straight away after we exposed both CSGO Wild and then later on Skinhub.

Soon after I noticed that someone is trying to breach into various personal accounts of mine. Social medias, forums, iCloud storage and pretty much any online accounts that I ever owned. I received multiple password reset emails/suspicious activity alerts on my emails and other 2FA tools, but in the end the hackers managed to breach some of the accounts.
Interestingly during this time, the manager of Anomaly and the founder of OmniaMedia, Austin Long, who is a close associate of Vladimir
and who is also highly involved with Skinhub/CSGOWild, started systematically liking different pictures of me in my social medias, especially those that included family members of mine. Were they doing this just to send me a message? Perhaps. Anyways shortly after, Austin Long ended up posting my name and a picture of me on his Twitter account, but he quickly took it down and made his account private due to the community backlash.

It is important to note that Anomaly and Austin Long are closely involved in this. Anomaly and Austin have been very well aware of both Skinhub and CSGOWild being rigged, but despite that they were willing to turn a blind eye to all the facts. They even got caught for illegally taking down another large Youtuber's channel (Bean) just because he was criticizing Anomaly for his ties to Skinhub in one of his videos. They managed to take down the entire Youtube channel due to Austin Long being the founder and vice president of Omnia Media, which is a very large Youtube partnership network. All they had to do was send a single email to their agency and the entire Youtube channel was taken down.
It's not a big surprise that Anomaly and Austin Long are willing to do things like this, considering that they're being paid well over $100,000+ per each Skinhub video on Anomaly's channel.

Yesterday on the 18th of October, Vladimir made a truly bold move. He launched a live stream on Twitter in front of their 1,26 million followers. Shortly after the stream started, I started getting spam phone calls from my friends in order to get my attention. I started watching the stream and I was shocked to see that the entire purpose of the stream was not to defend Vladimir's actions, but instead he made the stream into a huge personal attack against me.
In the stream Vladimir showed my face, my name, the address of my family, my company name and all possible confidential information that his team could find about me. His team dug EVERYTHING, and I mean literally EVERYTHING that you could find about me. They even went as far as showing messages, online posts and videos about me that I have made 8 years ago when I was only 13 years old.

The way that Vladimir presented this material was completely taken out of context. He tried to put me in a bad light based on snippets of conversations and forum posts that I made when I was a child. The worst thing that they found about me was that back when I was 14 years old, I paid some dollars to rent an online booter to DDoS a "friend" of mine which led to the police raiding my house (back then) for this. I admit that this happened and I take full responsibility for it, it was an incredibly stupid decision and I faced the consequences.

Now here I am, writing this tweet in a hotel room somewhere around the world behind a proxy. At this point Vladimir knows all and everything about me, except my current location (luckily). He knows who I am and he has done enough research to identify all of my closest family members and he has made that very clear to me. I've had to give extensive lessons to my family members about how to secure their online accounts, not to mention the cameras and alarm systems that we've had to set up in our home.

It is scary to know that Vladimir makes way more money in a day than what it costs to put a hitman on someone. He has been proven to be a person with absolutely no morals and I'm very concerned about my personal safety. I've discussed this with my lawyers and the closest circle of people around me and I'm making my best effort to keep me and my family secured at this point.

All that aside, later on I will make another post where I comment on some of the allegations that Vladimir directed at both me and my business. I would just like to mention that the things that Vladimir showed about me have been completely taken out of context and most of the material shown about me were around time when I was 13-15 years old. I admit that I have been involved in activities when I was 13-15 that I wouldn’t dream of doing now. I was caught by the police for DDoSing and I stole Runescape gold from other kids when I was a child. The difference is that those activities don’t apply in any way to my business that I run these days, in ANY way. I run a successful company with tons of happy customers and we have not been involved in any fraudulent activites. The reason that we brought up Vlad’s criminal past was because he continues to make fraudulent businesses, continues to scam his customers and continues to lie, cheat and attack anyone that attempts to stand up to him and his team of cronies.

As of right now I'm doing my best effort to spread this story as widely as possible. I'm in talks with many different journalists and large Youtubers that are interested in spreading this. We are also working on taking legal action against Vladimir and his associates.

I've also been thinking about hosting a Reddit AMA or a live stream where I could respond to all questions in real time if enough people are interested. Currently I'm responding to all tweets that are sent to me at @CSGOEmpireV2

For those of you who are interested in reading the full story about Vladimir Novosselov, Skinhub, CSGOWild and Anomaly's and Austin's involvement in this, here's a link to a post that I wrote earlier: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqmbm3. This post includes a brief version of the entire story with evidence about everything.

Also as a final note - currently Vladimir is trying to defend himself against the claims using an "attestation letter" as a shield linked here: (https://www.scribd.com/document/383938001/Skinhub-Attestation-Letter) this unfortunately is nothing but a publicity stunt thought of by him in attempt to deceive the public into thinking that he hasn't rigged anything previously, when it is for everyone to see that there is undeniable evidence of his prior rigging.

I looked deeply into the attestation letter with several developers and they all agree that this entire letter is worthless. Vladimir basically hired an online security/penetration testing firm to check their website for potential vulnerabilities and they simply requested the company to post a public attestation letter stating that "they did not see any fraudulent activity happening in the site - as far as they know."
It is important to note that ALL of the data and logs conserning rigging bets can easily be manipulated. Skinhub already got caught in the past for using a blatantly faked "provably fair" system that was completely non-functional, but by editing their database logs they can easily make the site look legitimate to a random third party.
In simple terms, there are just an absolutely overwhelming amount of evidence proving that Vladimir rigged both, Skinhub and CSGOWild and he has done a huge effort in attempt to remove and hide all the evidence about this. Vladimir is currently hiding behind this one simple document which is ultimately worthless.

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