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19th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

@fecorradini : An open letter/response to Mr Corradini (owner of Red Canids)

Dear Mr Corradini,

Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that it is hard for me to know what happened behind the scenes at Red Canids in 2017. Because of this I limited a lot of the criticism in this interview to things I experienced personally, and that related directly to how I personally feel BR needs to develop in the long run to be successful.

To be clear, I have no problem with RC acting cut throat in order to win CBLOL. As a team owner you obviously care deeply about the success of RC and I definitely respect this. However, my problem is that RC without a shadow of doubt took a lot of help from many teams in 2017 (in particular INTZ) and (arguably) acted in poor faith in return. None of this help given has even been acknowledged publicly to this day, by you or by Red Canids. It's fine to be cut throat to win, but don't take the help to grow and be successful in the first place if this is your goal, then expect others to be happy to see you succeed when you pull the rope ladder up after you.

There are in fact several choices RC took in the 2016/2017 off season which I find extremely distasteful (and have personally seen hard evidence of) that I could have brought up to support this bad faith argument, but chose not to out of respect for the privacy of individuals and the core point I was trying to make about Brazil as a region. I am happy to discuss these point by point with you here or in private as you wish. However, the point of this interview was not to attack Red Canids, but to propose a way forward for Brazil.

To respond to the points covered in your letter:

Cancelled scrims:
It is clear that scrims were arranged by INTZ and RC on Mon/Wed/Fri before playoff semi finals, and these were cancelled with very short notice by RC. This is either the decision of the org, coaching staff or players. Brokenshard was in hospital and not in BR when choice was made so its not a coaching decision. So that leaves either the players or the RC org. If you truly believe it was the decision was only from your players and RC as an org had nothing to do with it I can accept this. However, several of your players from that season have thanked me directly for the help given to prep for MSI and in 1st split, and I find it inconceivable that this decision to cancel was decided by players who knew what INTZ did to help RC that year vs a RC org who have consistently failed to acknowledge that any help was given at all. I accept it is possible though. In any case I feel that the decision not to scrim INTZ hurt RC too, as the team was completely unprepared for the style of play TOne used in the semi finals and ended up losing too.

Although I don't want to dig up the past, I will say that Red Canids (because of the Sacyr issue) were the ones PROPOSING a boycott against INTZ in 2017 and asking all other teams to not scrim us. I have no idea what you are talking about here. Luckily we got practice from the 3 teams we wanted to scrim against during this boycott so it didn't affect our practice.

I am in the fortunate position to know and get on well with several people at ESL (who arranged IEM Katowice). To be clear, I have no criticism of Red Canid's decision not to go to IEM. It's a long season, the players needed rest and the decision paid off. RC won CBLOL and congratulations are deserved (although lets be clear here, the lack of international experience definitely hurt RC at MSI). My problem is twofold:

1) No attempt was made to keep this invitation within Brazil. At the time PaiN were second (tied first on points), INTZ third in the table (but defending champions). There is no question that a BR team going to IEM would have been great exposure for the region. If RC didn't want to go, why not recommend another team to go instead?

2) Maybe a reply was made within 4 hours after you personally saw the invitation (rather than when it was sent), but people at head office were still in the dark about it some time after. I only found out about the invite because someone asked me if I knew if anything was happening on your end.

However, lets not ignore the point I am trying to make here. RC were offered a place (for a BR team) at an IEM international tournament, chose not to go because they cared only for domestic success (I personally disagree because even if you win domestically it won't help you at an international tournament, but that is RC's choice to make). Whilst at the same time not recommending another team to go instead and risk giving that rival team exposure. My point is not to criticise RC, it's to point out why the philosophy that you have at your org goes against how I feel BR needs to progress if they want to do well internationally.

At Red Canids on the business side clearly you have done a fantastic job. RC are partnered with one of the most popular football teams in the world, and can afford to send their players on bootcamps, hire strong international coaching staff and Korean players. Maybe you disagree with me about the way forward for Brazil and think that the key to success is new international imports every year and short term investment. However, even if you win CBLOL 10 times without contributing back to the region, I personally believe that none of this will help you or Brazil find any international success. As a team owner with a large stake in the success of CBLOL, this is your choice to make. Despite all our disagreements I genuinely and without reservation hope you can prove me wrong. Brazil could do with some more international success.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dun

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