JasonR :Thinking:

missPerceived: hi, i subbed to jason yesterday and i come back today to see im banned, can you pls help me find out why and unban me
MyStumpyLegs: Hey
missPerceived: hi
missPerceived: idk why im banned D:
missPerceived: from chat at least
MyStumpyLegs: So it's a long story but you aren't the only one, it's probably easier to explain over voice chat to be honest
missPerceived: what happened?
missPerceived: cause i just got rando banned
MyStumpyLegs: just join, i'll explain over voice, you dont have to talk just mute yourself
MyStumpyLegs: i just cba to type it out haha, but if you dont wanna join i'll just type it
missPerceived: yea idk if i can join rn can u just type it
MyStumpyLegs: ughh okay basically its not just you, he bans all girls in his chat
MyStumpyLegs: i think its something to do with his girlfriend
missPerceived: what the fuck
MyStumpyLegs: i dont know if its him or her that decides
MyStumpyLegs: but yeah basically any obvious girls (like your username) get banned
MyStumpyLegs: not by the mods
missPerceived: i didnt do anything
missPerceived: thats not even fair feelsbadman
MyStumpyLegs: ur not alone
missPerceived: im 18 and i didnt do shit
MyStumpyLegs: i've spoken to others like this
MyStumpyLegs: yeah u didn't do anything i know
missPerceived: im legit 18 i pose any threat to his relationship or anything
missPerceived: i dont*
MyStumpyLegs: i know it doesnt matter, happens to em all
MyStumpyLegs: i think its his girlfriend maybe idk

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