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15th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

Interested to hear others thoughts on this setting for S&D

As it stands in Black Ops 4 S&D at the moment, all equipment (concussions, frags, special issued equipment) are on a cooldown. It is impossible to begin the game with your equipment unless you run a specific class which makes it possible to have a concussion tactical in round 1.

In my opinion, this is a setting that will potentially hold S&D back this year in terms of competitiveness and from a viewer’s perspective.

Luckily, there is a setting in game that allows you to spawn in with your equipment every round. I believe this setting is a must have for S&D this season. I will do my best to explain my reasonings. Starting with the negatives of the current setting.

• Offense holding very low amounts of map control off the beginning of rounds when their cooldowns will be up later in the round. It will create many ‘boring’ rounds as players will be forced to wait it out if they want to run any kind of unique strategy with the equipment. Currently you get your equipment once out of every 2-3 rounds depending on how long you’re alive, how long the rounds go, etc.

• Offense will primarily devolve into 5 hitting sites similar to the S&D meta in Infinite Warfare. When you have no utility to use, more times than not the only worthwhile play is for the entire team to group up and try to when out the trades at a bombsite. This creates a very boring and much less creative meta.

• Overall lower tactical play style in the mode. When you can not consistently get utility it is very hard to run diverse strategies, as mentioned above I think S&D will lose a lot of its tactical play.

• Teams that put in extra time in the mode will not be as rewarded due to the fact that unique strategies can only be ran once every 2-3 rounds at best, making the rounds in between less engaging to both players and viewers alike.

Now for some pros on why I believe this setting should be introduced into the S&D ruleset.

• Opens up much more opportunity for unique strategies to take map control or execute onto a site.

• Widens the skill gap of the mode, currently when playing the rounds where there’s no utility, it feels like a jetpack game in the sense of the undeniable best play in majority of scenarios is to group up and play numbers at a bombsite. If the setting is introduced, we will see much less of these rounds from prepared teams.

• From a viewer’s perspective, is it endlessly more enjoyable to see a team run an intricate, planned out strategy. These strategies solely rely on utility whether it be a molotov placed in a hard to clear out position, a lined up frag grenade to weaken or take a player out before trying to enter the site, or a smoke grenade to cut off a hard to cross chokepoint.

I personally believe that this setting is a must have for this season in S&D. As far as respawn modes go, I think the idea of utility on cooldowns is a fine mechanic.

Thank you for reading, very interested to see others thoughts and opinions on this suggestion.

TLDR: There’s a setting that allows to you start every round in S&D with your utility. It’s much better that way and that setting should be used in my opinion.

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