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9th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

The Biggest Scam In The History of CSGO: Vlad Nov, Skinhub, CSGOWild, And More.


-Vlad Nov is the owner of Skinhub, CSGOWild, and Kickback

-Kickback exit scammed their users, didn't let them withdraw and completely changed the site to something else

-CSGOWild was proven to be rigged and Skinhub was caught using fake provably fair systems

-"Skinhub Chris" is fake and is not the true owner of Skinhub, Vlad Nov is

-Austin Long (Anomaly's manager and VP of Omnia) continued to work with Vlad Nov and promote his site through Anomaly despite knowing he's a scammer and Skinhub wasn't legit

-Anomaly publicly lied and said he had nothing to do with the illegal takedown of Bean's Skinhub exposing video, his network has said he actually specifically asked the video to be globally blocked

-Bean's channel has been unjustly removed from YouTube shortly after exposing Vlad Nov, Skinhub, Austin, and Anamoly.


Timeline and proof of everything that has taken place with Vlad Nov, Skinhub, CSGOWild, Austin Long, Anomaly, Omnia, and Bean:

Vlad Nov and Mark Prokoudine founded, a platform where you can bet CS:GO skins by playing CS:GO against other players
Proof Vlad owns Kickback:

October 2016:
Vlad Nov and Mark Prokoudine launched, a CS:GO case opening site
Proof that Vlad Nov owns Skinhub: (bought by Vlad Nov, owner Skinhub) has been exposed for being rigged and running the biggest

Kickback exit scammed without allowing users to withdraw and changed their site entirely:

December 2017
Vlad Nov relaunched CSGOWild and Anomaly started promoting the site. Only a few days later CSGOWild was exposed for using a fake provably fair system ( and got caught for using bot accounts to play against their users, essentially rigging the site to win against the customers
Proof Wild was rigged:
Proof Vlad owns CSGOWild:

A long conversation began between Austin Long and "Monarch", the person who initially exposed CSGOWild.
At first, Austin and Vlad blatantly lied about the rigging happening at CSGOWild but when their story didn't add up with the evidence, they completely changed their story and claimed that the entire website was hacked and that everything was done by the hackers. They posted a tweet about this on the @Wild twitter, but took it down soon as the story was proven to be wrong.
During this time, Skinhub also got exposed for using a fake provably fair system.

Proof that Austin Long was fully aware of CSGOWild being rigged & Skinhub's provably fair not being real + Vlad and Austin lying about it (long document, contains a ton of evidence about the entire case):
Proof that Skinhub faked their provably fair:

January 2018
When CSGOWild was proven to be rigged and as Anomaly received overwhelming pressure from the community, he deleted all the CSGOWild videos and stated that he has cut all ties with Wild and Vlad Nov

Despite his previous announcements, Anomaly decided to renew his contract with Skinhub regardless of the site having the same owner as CSGOWild and his manager claiming they cut ties with them.

"Skinhub Chris":
After Vlad Nov was exposed as the owner of Skinhub and the site having a fake provably fair surfaced, they started promoting a fake owner, "Skinhub Chris".

This person was never talked about in Anomaly's Skinhub videos before, but suddenly Anomaly started to mention "Chris, the owner of Skinhub" in his videos. Just look at this:

First video after the Vlad Nov scandal: "Chris, the owner of Skinhub" mentioned at 0:19.

Second video after the Vlad Nov scandal: "Chris from Skinhub" mentioned in the first 7 seconds

Fourth video after the scandal:, Chris mentioned in the title, thumbnail, description and all over the video.

It seems that Chris was simply hired to pretend to be the owner of the site to take all attention away from Vlad Nov being the real owner.

Here is his twitter: The description is "Owner of @skinhub. Guy with the best items in the world." - But, it's already been proven that Vlad Nov is the real owner of Skinhub. Funny enough, the recovery email of the @Skinhub_Chris twitter account is "". You can draw many conclusions from that email address.

Mid 2018:
Skinhub hired a 3rd party penetration testing firm to post an attestation letter for them, in attempt to prove that their site is not rigged. They were immediately called out for this by other developers, stating that the attestation letter is meaningless considering that the Skinhub developers could have easily edited the files and logs that the 3rd party firm was given.

Skinhub changed their website from a CS:GO case opening site into a real item case opening site. Skinhub started large advertising campaigns, involving big Youtubers such as Anomaly, Memeulous, and many others.

October 2018:
Bean made a video exposing Vlad Nov and Skinhub. The video got 650k views in less than a week, until OmniaMedia illegally copyright striked it, based on the video having a 3 second clip from an Anomaly video.
Proof that the video got taken down by OmniaMedia:
Proof that Austin Long is the Founder and Vice President of OmniaMedia:

Here is the original exposing video re-uploaded as unlisted on a second channel:

Bean's Skinhub exposing video gets viewbotted by a 3rd party, most likely intentionally to violate YouTubes TOS and get his video/channel removed:

05.09.2018 - 10.09.2018:
Anomaly claims he had nothing to do with the illegal takedown of Bean's Skinhub video. This was later proved to be a lie. Omnia (Anomaly's network) says Anomaly specifically asked the video to be globally blocked.

After Monarch continuously exposed Austin and Vlad on Twitter, Austin doxed him and posted his name and irl picture on Twitter. He took this tweet down shortly after.

Bean's channel gets unjustly removed from YouTube after exposing Vlad Nov, Skinhub, Austin, and Anamoly.
Proof here:
Bean's taken down channel:

Despite having indisputable evidence of this entire situation, Keemstar (Who is sponsored by Skinhub on his podcast Baited) declines to investigate Skinhub solely because Bean's video was viewbotted by a 3rd party, then closes DM's with him

Please check the links and read everything provided as it is all very important.

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