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9th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

LFT Contenders/Academy/Trials [EU/NA]

Dennis "Dennia" Forsblom

Hello after one of the most fun and challenging seasons of contenders I have had. I have been cut from Orgless & Hungry so now I'm looking for a team. I'm still hungry, motivated and can bring massive experience.

Previous Teams:
Penta sports
Mosaic esports
Orgless & Hungry

Previous tournaments:
Dreamhack winter - Sweden 2016 (Penta sports)
Contenders Season 0 - Europe 2017 (123)
Contenders Season 1 - Europe 2017 (123)
Contenders Season 1 - Europe 2018 (Mosaic esports)
Contenders Season 2 - Europe 2018 (Orgless & Hungry)
Overwatch heroes rumble - Taiwan 2017 (Team Zappis)

More detailed info:

Contact info:
Discord: Dennia#7960
twitter: @Denniatf2

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