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7th Oct 2018 from TwitLonger

Eagle Gaming financial situation

As you may have known, our company is experiencing difficulties, aggravated by the late wages of these last months.
While we paid for several months wages between 2k + and 4.5k + net euros to the staff and players and obtained positive esport results (6 competitions played including 4 won consecutively), our investors never kept their promises. In addition, our prospective sponsors retracted because of the controversial image of FPS.

In addition, following conversations with Overwatch League organizations, we realized that our players might not be recruited in the League because of the buyout.
We really didn’t want their talent to be wasted by this situation, therefore we gave up this buyout which could only penalize them.
The equation was simple:
With buyout = no player sale = no OWL for them
No buyout = no player sale = OWL for them.

The three Eagle Gaming associates, which I’m still part of (and have never been paid for their work), are committed to finding solutions as fast as possible. I remain optimistic about the resolution of these delays with our partners.

I take this opportunity to thank again the many people who have been deeply involved and all my close associates who made this team the winner of the Overwatch Contenders Europe.

From my side, my wish to develop esport remains intact.
I thank everyone who took the time to read this message.

Stay tuned :)

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