Update on my future

Hey guys, I sort of ghosted from social medias because I needed a break after EU masters loss. Now I want to update you on my future plans.
One year ago, I made a decision of not going to Warsaw school of economics(uni)in order to play full time and give myself 1 year to try to make it to the LCS and also do what I love, at least for some time. Even though it was the best year in my entire life and I matured, opened myself up to people and obviously improved as a player and a teammate - I failed to achieve my goal. I don't see a world where I could get an LCS tryout, even though after LVP finals I truly believed I am capable of getting there.
Therefore (they start today) I am taking daily, mathematical studies that, after 5 years, guarantee me a bright future. Although in no way is it the end for me as a player! For the time being, at least until January I will be playing polish tournaments with Pompa Team (Konektiv, Inspired, Puki, Mystiques). Even though it will be very absorbing for me to remain a good player and pass hard studies I am more than ready to work my ass off every day because it is very important for me to have a choice, what am I going to do with my life, in January, when most of the major leagues start. And hey, I would never want to fully give up on a thing I worked hard for so long.
That obviously means (my contract has ended yesterday) I am not (at least lawfully;)) a part of giants anymore and I am not going to play Iberian cup with them. In spite of a sad ending, we achieved way more than we were expected once this roster was formed, so even though I did not fulfill my personal goal, which was become LCS level midlaner - I cannot say I am disappointed. Also I am grateful to players, coach, staff, managers and the org itself for this year - we have faced a lot of issues but we had overcome them and made it to the finals. Also I will be attending analyst desk, at least for some days, during play-ins in polish worlds broadcast (that will be also broadcasted in the TV!:)). This will be a brand new experience for me and I am looking forward to it.
My contract with giants has ended and we are not going to renew it. I am taking absorbing, hard mathematical studies which have just started but I still want to keep competing and I will play in polish leagues with a good roster which level, in my opinion, right now is comparable to best regional leagues.
Hope you keep supporting me like you did in the past :-) Love you all

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