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30th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

Thank you Smash 4

Smash bros is my life. These last 2 and a half years have been the best times of my life by far, and I owe the game, and everyone I’ve met along the way my thanks. I never would have imagined playing a game for my career but here we are lol. I just want to take this time since Smash 4 is coming to an end to give my appreciation to who and what impacted my life.

Cinnpie: It feels like we’ve been together for 20 years but our life together has just started. Your huge support and love helped me get through my toughest sets and toughest times. You mean the world and beyond to me baby. We met when we played our set at Xanadu, I’ll never forget thinking “I’m gonna style on her” to try to impress you, but then immediately SDing LOL. We helped eachother grow as people, players, and personalities, and I owe you my life. I can’t wait to spend my life going on adventures with you :) I love you Cinnamon <3

JeBB: We’ve been competitive against each other since we were kids, and that definitely helped get me to where I am now. You’re the reason I started playing Smash 4 in the first place, if you didn’t let me in your WiFi crew I probably would still be in the military lol. You’re also how I found my main (Wario) in Brawl after I saw you use him, also I picked up Mewtwo because I saw you use him once and thought he looked cool. So you literally found the perfect characters for me lmao. I know Ultimate will be good for you if you find that right character for you. Love ya bro <3

Heropuff: We’ve been through a lot as friends and I’m just glad that you’ve always been someone I could talk to about anything. You’ve taught me a lot as my coach in the beginning of my career, because I didn’t know anything lmao and I still don’t tbh. I hope Ultimate is good to you, I always thought you could be a really good player with the right character.
Love ya puff <3

Squerk: You’re such a good person I hope you know that, and you’re really important to me. We’ve had some goofy and fun times and I’ll always cherish them. You were also really hard/annoying to play vs sometimes LOL. Also you’re music taste is busted though mines better :p. Thanks for being such a good friend for me <3

Black Yoshi: Whenever I saw you at a tourney, 2 thoughts would always go through my head: This is about to be a funny ass day, and I hope we don’t play LOL you were always hard to me for some reason. You’ll always be my homie, and thanks for always being there for Cinnamon. I also need more mario party games <3 GREEN ESCORT

Dark Wizzy: You probably had the most impact of my playstyle alone by far. I wouldn’t be where I am as fast as I got to it without playing you constantly. You are an incredible friend and I hope you get the recognition as a player that you deserve in ultimate. Love ya lil bro <3

Thanks to all of my supporters who have helped me in any way, from assisting me in attending events, to cheering me on in twitch chat/in person. It means a lot to know that you all enjoy watching me play. That being said, I will no longer be attending bigger events, but I’ll still be attending locals to keep my fundamentals intact. I have no desire to play this game at a major level anymore. I have passed all my expectations in this game by a huge margin. I’ve beaten the best player in the world along with multiple of the top 10. My highest rank was 12th in the world, I was the undisputed best Mewtwo in the world for a while... and in my heart, ROB too lol. I met the love of my life playing Smash, I proposed in front of thousands of people on a Championship stage, and I’ve traveled all around the country, even to Canada to compete. I’m super happy with my Smash 4 career and am ready to move on :) love all of you that supported me and I hope I was able to put on a show for you all. See you guys in Ultimate!!

- WaDi

TLDR; I have the best ROB

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