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Past, Future and Orgles5 - RTs Appreciated

Past, Future and Orgles5.

So for anyone who doesn't know, I was the coach of NRG from late February until just after IEM Sydney (around 10th May) where I was rejected a work visa to enter the US meaning I wasn't able to live with the team in Vegas nor could I attend Pro league finals in Dallas. I think this was a result of us trying to get my work visa turned over in a day because I needed to be in Dallas 3 days after my work visa meeting (I could be wrong I was never given a real reason). I firmly believe that if I were to re apply and be patient, I would get a work visa. I think some people are under the impression that I have a criminal record which isn’t true and I do have proof of this which I can show to any organisation that would need it.

Anyway so after NRG I didn’t know what my next move would be. I had spoken to Endpoint a fair bit and I thought my future might be back there as a IGL or as Coach but sadly this didn’t work out and they chose to go ahead with sheekey as their IGL. Shortly after that, they removed Sheekey and went with robiin which has turned out to be a good decision for them and they have been doing really well as of late.

During this time I had approached Renegades as becoming the coach but I never really heard anything back from these guys as they had made their mind up on who they wanted so I had to move away from this dream and look elsewhere. I had been contacted by Tempo Storm and had a couple meetings with them and I thought that’s where I would end up continuing my coaching career. It was all looking hopeful but then when they picked up Happy I didn’t hear anything from Tempo Storm and I can only assume that the opportunity has gone.

Playing / IGLing :
While I was trying to find a coaching role I was playing with some UK/EU guys trying to find a lineup that I could maybe have a future with if coaching didn’t come along. Sadly the guys I played with got MDL offers and it was only logical for these guys to take the offers (Oskarish > Epsilon, L1NK > WaR, Lainey > Smoke Criminals) Stan1ey also quit after his NA experience which didn’t leave me with much options.

Now the time has come where I really need to start playing - this isn’t how I saw my career after going to NRG, I love coaching and I do it to the best of my ability but stan1ey has come to me in the past few days and said he wants to play again and for me, it just makes sense for us to come back together and pick up where we left off and see if we can do something within the UK. When we were in Endpoint we were doing really well. We had just won EPS UK Finals, we finished 4th Gfinity (IMO we should have been in the final but bad games happen), we made it to WESG finals with some impressive results and we had some promising results in MDL. I strongly believe we can do this again with the right lineup and go further.

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