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30th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

My departure from renegades

2 years and 8 months comes to an end in renegades for me. I’m not sure where to really start because it’s been such a long journey, After the major fail that we had renegades said they would be changing lineups and it was just a waiting game of who (they didn’t even decide till yesterday) but now that it’s happened I hold no grudges whatsoever as it’s for the best, I haven’t been comfortable or happy in this team for a long time for various reasons and thought about stepping down multiple times but always pushed it to the back of my head saying how stupid I was to give up such a great opportunity, I think me thinking this obviously caused a lot of doubt in my mind and my performances dropped. When I first joined renegades is was a lot different with the roles I had, i wasn’t an out and out entry per say, me and azr sort of just shared the role and had a lot more freedom in things I felt like. Fast forward to some time in august 2017 after Noah joined and started in-game leading, we felt that we were lacking set roles so we wanted to define the roles more and I got put in the entry position, which as u can see now I struggled with along with not feeling like I had my freedom on ct, going in first in all scenarios in cs is a super hard and unappreciated role i feel like, I only had 2 negative events in a year or more at the start of renegades, and with my new role my stats obviously dropped a lot and things became difficult, the general community dosnt really understand roles and the effects it has on the game. They just check the scoreboard or hltv and then continue to flame you. kassad stepped down in may due to a lot of problems within the team and in hindsight I should of stepped down also but didn’t have the balls. I am in no way blaming anyone for this, it was the role I was put in and I didn’t perform to the standard I should be performing at, so it’s understandable. That being said I want to thank all of my previous teammates (too many to name) but especially Aaron, Justin, noah, jkaem and Gomez who I spent the most time with for a great 3 years essentially. Moving forward I would like to go into a more comfortable role for me with freedom as I feel with a bit more freedom I can shine, but am not opposed to staying as entry depending on the team. My preference is obviously to stay in NA and find a team there if the opportunity presents itself but I’m open to all offers from all over the world. I am a free agent and have a P1 visa for USA for those interested. I’m going to open my DM’s on Twitter or u can email karlopivac@hotmail for all offers. Much love!

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