AQW Class update for 9/20/18 (DeathKnight Revamp!)

Welcome to the DeathKnight revamp! This is the second in a series of class buffs looking to enhance the way rep classes play, the new DeathKnight offers a new take on an old class. DeathKnight now focuses heavily on DoTs!
This is a straight buff from the original class. No need to buy a new version and rank it up all the way to 10 again. For those who want to try it out but don’t have it yet, the methods to get it are still the same and involves membership: Rank 10 Doomwood faction, or 2000 ACs and requires membership to buy and use.

Recommended enhancement: Fighter. Have you been pulled from the cold comfort of death to serve a new master or has your own will pulled you back to the land of the living to continue fighting?

Mana Regeneration:
DeathKnights gains mana whenever an enemy takes damage from one of the Death Knight's skills

Skill Breakdown:

Soul Slash
Rank needed: 1
Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 sec. cooldown
Type: Physical
Range: Short Ranged
Description: You slowly chip away at your opponent. Applies Soul Slash to your opponent, dealing damage over time. Lasts 1 second unless reapplied and doesn't stack. Can't miss.

Does not deal damage on hit.

Chilling Strike
Rank needed: 1
Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 5 sec.
Type: Physical
Range: Melee Range
Description: The chill of death seeps into your foe. Death's Chill deals damage over time while Decay, Cannot Heal prevents an enemy from healing. Also applies Frozen Core which increases all DoT damage and heals received by 5% for 16 seconds and stacks to 5. Auras last 16 seconds unless reapplied. Can't miss.

Does not deal damage on hit.

Rank needed: 2
Mana cost: 15
Cooldown: 8 sec.
Type: Physical
Range: Melee Range
Description: Causes Frostbite, a damage over time effect that also slows your foe's haste by 20%. Can't miss.

Does not deal damage on hit.

Rank needed: 3
Mana cost: 20
Cooldown: 18 sec.
Type: Physical
Range: Melee Range
Description: Causes Deathgrip on your foe. Your foe feels the life slowly crushed out of them causing damage over time and reducing the damage they do by 20%. Has a 10% chance to stun for 6 seconds. Can't miss.

Does not deal damage on hit.

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Passive 1: Death’s Might
Increase STR Stat by 12%
Passive 2: Ruthless
Physical Damage taken reduced by 20%

Death Shroud
Rank needed: 5
Mana cost: 25
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Type: Magical
Range: Melee Range
Description: You tap into the power of Death to pull your form back together. Causes you to heal over time and reduces physical damage you take by 50% for 12 seconds. Also applies Death's Release to your target dealing significant damage after 5 seconds. Can't miss.

Does not deal damage on hit.

Death’s Coming
Rank needed: 10
Type: Passive Ability
Description: DoT damage increased by 20%

We decided to take advantage of DeathKnight’s mana model by having all of its damage come in the form of DoTs. This means the on hit damage on its skills has been removed and all of your damage will be coming from DoTs. We’ve also upped its survivability by increasing the duration of Death Shroud while removing the drawbacks it once had. This will allow for an easier time at soloing and physical tanking in PvP. The new DeathKnight is sure to bring fear into the battlefield as it melts its opponents away with DoTs.

Immortal Joe’s Notes
Your DoTs scale with Strength, so you’re going to get the best results with Fighter Enhancements.
DoTs are unaffected by damage boosting weapons so those won’t benefit this class.
Since your skills don’t deal any damage, your weapons damage range will show as 0-0 in the item description and character overview.

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