Please read and RT. @DashTreads has cheated us. Go with another Supplier.

Here is our experience with Dash Threads trying to do our affiliate packages. I ordered 2 $150 packages for both of my organizations Elevate League and Peak eSports to get 16 items each on the Dash Threads affiliate store.

I DM’d Dash Threads to ask how to start. They told me to email them the logos. I emailed them the logos and told them I sent them. They said they didn’t receive them. I ended up doing this 4 times throughout the month and they said they didn’t receive them. After a month they said “there was a huge bug and we never saw email then we finally got them again.”
We get our designs done and we only had 6 items on the store when I paid for the $150 dollar package for 16 items on the store. They also posted in the promo picture for Peak eSports on Twitter the wrong snapback. They didn’t say anything about the 6 items until I asked them about it, even the designer didn’t know what was going on. They told the designer to start working on the other designs and I still haven’t got any updates if I am getting the rest of the 10 items on the store. I currently still have 6 items for each organization on the store.
I asked if we get codes and they said yes, I gave them the codes I wanted and they didn’t say anything back. 2 days later I asked if the codes were active and they said they have been active. Very bad communication.
My players and I all ordered some Peak apparel. It took about a month for mine to ship. I get my jersey and it was the OLD design. This was the design we changed in the process of making the jersey’s to get the final product advertised. It had the two black stripes down the sides and the horizontal lines across. The design was suppose to not have any lines. Obviously there must have been a miscommunication between the designer and inventory. I waited all this time for my jersey only to get a old design that wasn’t even advertised on the website. Another one of my players got the old design as well. I told Dash about getting the old design and all they said was “we will remake them.” I asked about my other players and they said, “all of you will be refunded.”
Only I and one of my players got what they ordered and they other 6 players still haven’t gotten there items and it has been 2 and a half months. I ordered a jersey, hoodie, and polo. I have only received the jersey and the hoodie, no polo. They gave me the old jersey design and the wrong name on the hoodie.
They were missing a sponsor on the back of the jersey as well as getting the design wrong. I DM’d dash to put that sponsor on the jersey with the design they should have given us. They responded saying that the sponsor was already there. Dash then blocked everyone associated with my organization on Twitter. Now I have no idea when I’m getting my orders or what to tell the rest of my players that haven’t gotten their items.
We haven’t gotten what we have paid for. We haven’t gotten the remade design. We haven’t gotten refunded. I haven’t gotten the whole package I paid for, I paid $150 and they gave me the 6 item $45 package. I haven’t gotten items from Dash that I paid $30 for. My players haven’t gotten any of their jerseys yet and if they have they got the wrong design. We have no more communication with Dash Threads. One of my players has spent $85 on merchandise and hasn’t received a thing.

If you are looking to buy merchandise for your organization, don’t go with Dash Threads. They messed up multiple times, their communication is poor, and we haven’t got what we paid for. This is my first experience with jersey providers and now I am skeptical in trusting anyone. Dash has basically taken my money and some of my players money as well so I would appreciate a retweet to get the word out.

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