AQW Class update for 9/19/18 (BattleMage Revamp!)

Welcome to the BattleMage revamp! The first in a series of class reworks looking to enhance the way rep classes play, the new BattleMage offers a new take on an old class, that lets you manipulate your mana for crazy effects!

This is a straight buff from the original class. No need to buy a new version and rank it up all the way to 10 again. For those who want to try it out but don’t have it yet, the methods to get it are still the same: Rank 10 Swordhaven faction, or 2000 ACs.

Recommended Enhancements: Wizard, Lucky. BattleMages focus on taking down their opponents as quickly as possible. They are capable of focusing greater amounts of mana into each spell for maximum effect.

Mana Regeneration:
BattleMages gain mana each time they Auto Attack, also their skills manipulate mana in different ways.

Skill Breakdown:

Arcane Strike - (Auto Attack)
Rank needed: 1
Mana cost: Heals 10 mana
Cooldown: 2 sec. cooldown
Type: Physical
Range: Short Ranged
Description: Every strike is enhanced with arcane energies that re-energizes the BattleMage adding mana per hit.

Deals 50% damage to 1 target, and grants you 10 mana back on every hit. Because BattleMage has an unusual regen model, this gives you a consistent source of MP that you can use to power your other skills and is strictly buffed by haste.

Arcane Devastation
Rank needed: 1
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 10 sec.
Type: Magical
Range: Long Range
Description: Conjure a powerful, explosive, arcane blast damaging up to 3 targets. BattleMages can take advantage of the stray mana scattered in combat, inflicting devastating damage when your mana is low!

The BattleMage can focus its mana into a single devastating blast, which gets even stronger when at low MP. Effectively combining this with Enchanted Blade lets you do as much as 9000 damage to three monsters at once! You may notice that this skill (and Arcane Fire) deal more significantly more damage when you have less mana, similar to classes with skills that do more damage when your health is lower.

Explosive Shield
Rank needed: 2
Mana cost: 20
Cooldown: 23 sec.
Type: Magical
Range: Long Range
Description: Break apart nearby mana and form it into an Arcane Shield transferring most incoming damage to the BattleMage's MP instead of HP, as well as healing you twice soon afterwards. The heal is increased if you have less mana. The initial break explodes damaging up to 3 enemies. Also applies Focus to your enemies, forcing them to attack you for 6 seconds.

The heal on this skill is what you’ll notice the biggest difference on when changing from high MP and low MP. Taking damage as mana damage also lets you survive for a lot longer while you regenerate big amounts using your Auto Attack and Arcane Fire. Remember that Enchanted Blade increases your healing and your damage, which means using Explosive Shield immediately after can give you a huge HoT!

Arcane Fire
Rank needed: 3
Mana cost: Heals 15 mana
Cooldown: 7 sec.
Type: Magical
Range: Long Range
Description: Heals 10 mana. Burst with explosive arcane fire and overwhelm up to 3 targets with Arcane energy. Deals more damage if you have less Mana. Your targets will get Arcane Weakness which increases damage taken by 15% for 20 seconds. If your blade is enchanted, the power of the arcane will surge through your opponent's body, reducing their haste by 35% for 12 seconds.

BattleMages can draw in mana from the world, so channeling it into huge attacks also gives you more mana to use with its other skills. This offers a respectable amount of damage while giving some debuffs that help you in boss fights or even in PvP. While you need this to constantly regain mana, there may be situations where you want to hold it until after you use Devastation, and then use Fire as a second big hit! Strategize!

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Passive 1: Heavy Armor Expertise
Physical Damage received reduced by 20%
Passive 2: Battle Hardened Mage
+15% Intellect and 10% Crit Chance

Enchanted Blade
Rank needed: 5
Mana cost: 40
Cooldown: 4 sec.
Type: Magical
Range: Long Ranged
Description: Enchanted Blade increases your damage done by 80%, accuracy by 60% and healing out by 40%. Last 3 seconds and cannot stack.

This is probably the biggest change from the original version of the class. Immediately when using this class, you’ll notice that it’s much less restrictive than before. While deciding how we wanted this class to be used we realised that it had the most potential as an AoE farmer. Because of this, we opted to remove the AoE toggle in place of a short term ability enhancer. Instead of having two modes you toggle between, now you have a normal version of each skill and an ‘ultimate’ version if used with Enchanted Blade. We reduced the duration of the buff so you would really have to strategize in order to use it with more than one skill but was worth it even if you didn’t. Can you figure out how to manage your cooldowns and mana and use all 3 skills in the ‘ultimate’ form with one Enchanted Blade?

Mana Rush
Rank needed: 10
Type: Passive Ability
Description: +10% haste

Haste is great for this class because your mana regen goes up on your Auto Attack and you can used Enchanted Blade more often.

To use this class, you need to regulate your mana to balance between doing high damage and casting multiple skills. Even without the mana manipulation mechanic, this class competes well with other farming classes, while chaining the skills together lets you inflict massive damage! The new BattleMage is a powerful re-imagining of the original BattleMage. Can you master its mechanics and become the ultimate arcane manipulator?

Yoshino’s Note
These changes apply to all the variants of Battle Mage which includes Royal BattleMage, Dark BattleMage, Legendary Dark BattleMage, BattleMage of Love.

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