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18th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

i cant think of a title but this is important

Hi people,

Let's talk about this shocking news... I'd like to give a written goodbye / thank you to everyone. First off, thank you to everyone who has supported me in OWL season 1. It was an amazing experience and I'm really glad I got to spend it on shock. My teammates, the coaching staff, the upper management, and the fans have all been so awesome to me, thank you all...

It's crazy how much I've enjoyed myself this last year. I feel like I can never be in a bad mood when I'm hanging out with my teammates. I think we're one of the few teams that can actually say we're a family. It's not just our team that makes everything so enjoyable, the fans are always so awesome. Even after losing games, I feel like the fans could always cheer me up. Thank you to everyone who supported us at our games, you people are the best. Also, thank you to the people who constantly watch my streams, you people are the second best.

I also want to say sorry. I never ended up making my way to SF. The season was super busy and I never got the chance during the season. I was really trying make it happen this last month but I'm assuming it probably won't happen now since I'm officially traded. I really wanted to go to sf with super tomorrow but i guess it wasn't possible.

I hope you guys can continue to support me on Outlaws. It really sucks that I have to leave my family, but I think business wise it pleases everyone. Really helps Shock, Outlaws, and my personal career. Ultimately, I think this trade is the most beneficial thing for my career. I'm hoping to really help Outlaws and I'm looking forward to playing with the team.

Short letters to everyone i worked with from shock :heart:

Andy - It was awesome working for you Andy, thank you for everything.

Brett - It was also awesome working with you Brett, you were always so nice and understanding of what I had to say. If you get a little better at responding to DMs I think you will be the best president

Derrick - derrick u look like ur 20 but ur actually like 32 or something. nice cheats

Jaime- JAIME I love u. you're the person I would always complain to. and on top of that you would always actually respond. you the real mvp for that. thank you so much for letting me stay at your apt during OWL finals. :D

Chris- u fucker. :rage: u :rage: never :rage: answer :rage: discord. but hey I think u respond more than brett so it's a little respectable. def a close one. thanks so much for all the help

Pizzas/David/Our content people - we may have taken L's 4 stages straight of OWL, but at least we didn't take that many L's on our social media game. thank u. also thank god i never need to do deep thoughts again

JB- you were an awesome camera man for us. so many dope pictures and overall you were just super chill. i miss getting froyo with you and nomy :frowning2:️

Sen - u make fire tweets. im sad i wont be on shock for these fire tweets. please make some good incorrect owl tweets of me :D

Sephy - thank you for recruiting and putting trust in a rookie like me. you were always so kind to me and i'm glad you were my coach. good luck with whatever you're doing right now !

Legitrc - you weren't with us for that much of the season, but thank you for your time. really hope to see u succeed in the future. also, ur looking good af keep up the grind ^_^

Harsha - harsha ur a fcking idiot but i love u. it's so funny talking to you because you laugh at basically everything i say and it makes me laugh too. remember... if i shit talk u, u better not shit talk back. not allowed.

Junkbuck - you were the first person to start turning this team around. thank you junkbuck. shit was no bueno before u came to our team. you brought good knowledge to the team and made our team a lot happier and better.

Ninek - you taught me a lot in the short time you were here. thank you so much. everytime you say lacist it cracks me up hahahahhah

Crusty - you have also taught me so much in the short amount of time u were here for. outside of work you are actually hilarious and one of my fav people to be around. im sad i never proved myself to you but i really hope i will become insane during season 2. i really look up to you and want to make you proud even though i wont be playing for shock.

Dhak - i am glad i got to play with you. your personality is amazing and you're such a passionate player. so much funny stuff happened in scrims, i'm glad i got to play with you

Nomy- you are literally the best person in this world. you're actually just the nicest person i have ever met. i feel like i could literally tell you anything. thank you so much for being such an amazing teammate and person. wishing for the absolute best for you. ily mijo :heart:️

iddqd - you always give me such good advice, thank you man. i don't think you really got a fair chance on shock but im sure youll own in future OWL tryouts.

Babybay- LMAO, we used to lowkey hate each other during the pre owl days. we got that stuff figured out pretty fast tho. we ended up bonding a lot throughout the season and became a pretty solid dps duo. happy i got to play with such a talented player. chicago boys best boys :sunglasses:

Nevix - you're actually just a godlike gamer. went from dps to support to dps and now flex tank. yours seriously so talented. such a smart player and good teammate. our stage 1 days were a little rough and i feel like you would always take blame to keep the environment healthy. I think you literally only got tilted once and it was so fucking funny hahhahaha. the way you said it was gold. "im so teeeelted" LMAO. keep up the grind brother.

Sleepy - my og roommate. we go way back to the vegas house. those were the fuckin days LMAO. this season was awesome, i'm glad you got to show everyone how good of a player you are. im happy we've gotten so close. wing stop later? :eyes::eyes:

Moth- our first mid season pickup. i am so glad we picked you up and so glad to see you succeed. i literally think you're the best main support in the world. you're so smart and actually one of the best teammates. ur also super fuckin positive, literally the best teammate anyone could ask for. im gonna miss playing with you.

Sinatraa- everyone always compares us and that shit is actually so annoying. you're actually an insane player. such a quick learner, smart player, and mechanically strong. it sucks we play such similar roles, but i think it helped me improve a lot. we got to play with each other a lot in the beginning of stage 3 and that shit was lit. our sombra tracer was a little nasty. looking forward to playing against you
Choi - I only got to play 1 map with you on stage. you're so funny and so good . im happy i got to be on a team with you. easily one of my favorite people on this team. let's duo :smile: fightinggggggg

Architect - i love you so much, you are such a sweet person. you're actually just too kind. im so glad we picked you up. it's kinda crazy how we're such good friends even though ur big English noooooooob. im so sad i have to leave u and super. easily two of my favorite people.

super - u scrolled all the way down here for no reason, get fucked dumbass.

u guys are all amazing, thank u all for everything. ily all :heart:️

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