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18th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

My consolidated statement on prowlers and cyber bullying

This is my attempt to make a final statement on prowlers and their power, both in an attempt to clear up my stance and to stop tweeting about it as it’s just not helping things.

First off, I understand that in the context of the time attack community there is a system of tiers and prowler is at the bottom, and that is fine, it is what it is. However I don’t agree that how a weapon performs in time attack is representative of how it performs in normal play with normal hunters. In time attack in particular, Capcom heavily nerfed the DLC skill World’s Strongest, and that of course will see it shoot down in rankings. That skill promoted players to stop caring about gear, which destroys the game loop, so I support their decision to do this. But for the average user, gutting one DLC skill isn’t a weapon-wide nerf. Again, context.

And that is where I get upset; What I am lashing out at is this elitist, cocky, negative attitude online of players who want to talk bad about the weapon. Yes it’s my main weapon so I do take it personally, as will any other player who uses them who are being made fun of or discouraged. It’s bullying. However, I won’t stand for someone talking bad about weapon choices in a PvE game regardless of which weapon it is. It’s a ridiculous act and should not be tolerated.

I also tend to get in heated arguments about prowlers in MHGU compared directly to MHgen. There is some group of people hell bent on saying that the weapon is worse now, which as a main of the weapon I can tell you is totally wrong.

So why do I see the harm in people being negative about a weapon (often with wrong context or misinformation)? Because rooms labeled ‘no cat allowed’. Because of cyber bullying. You might think it’s fun to poke shit at a weapon choice but it has very real-world consequences and makes the game community overall negative which is crazy since Mh has an overwhelmingly positive community.

I’ll try to stop micro fighting the prowler argument but I will never bad down from calling out toxic attitudes. People should know that it is wrong.

Happy hunting,

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