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18th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

Mousesports Fall Split Roster Changes

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know what is currently happening with our team before our next set against Team Dignitas. As everyone surely knows Jermain quit last split and decided to focus on education and work so we had to find someone to fill his role within the team. Obviously we decided to have our long time sub Spudio to replace Jermain for the summer split. We were extremely happy as a team and with our results for the summer split taking games against some top teams and finishing with a solid 5 - 5 record which easily could of been better.

Sadly this fall split and the weeks coming to the start of fall split we as a team have not been the same. We were having rough practice and the atmosphere wasn't the best which has lead to our poor form in the fall split. As a team we felt like a change was needed if wanted any chance of having a shot at HRX. With that said we will be moving forward without Spudio and our coach Frostiak will be taking his place on the team for the time being.This is not the only change that is going to be made however, Cherryo will be moving to the Support role, Dardez will be switching to the Adc role and Frostiak will be joining the team as the new Jungler.

It may seem sudden and possibly wrong to the outside eye however the confidence of all of us really hit rock bottom as it probably showed in our last set vs Obey Alliance, however we feel like this is the best option moving forward. We think this roster allows players to play to their strengths and hopefully allows us to play more effectively and have better cohesion as a team. Hopefully you support us and this decision moving forward and hopefully we can get sorted and ready for HRX.

Adc: Dardez
Support: Cherryo
Mid: BigManTingz
Jungle: FrostiaK
Solo: Nika

Coach/Sub: Spudio


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