Hello Beard Brigade. This message comes with deep regret. As of October 1, 2018 the Beard Brigade will be no more. Joe and myself feel this is the best option for us and the team. The Beard Brigade started right at 2 years ago. Managing a team is something we didn't have any idea about when we first started. It has gone through a couple of changes over this time and we feel it has been a successful team. We have met a lot of great friends and streamers. Many who we still watch and communicate with.

With all of that being said, we still feel that the team isn't in the place we want it to be. It isn't due to any one person or group of people. In fact some of it has to do with us. We never have had the time to dedicate to the team; the time it needed. We've had to take time away from our stream on off days to work on the Beard Brigade and we feel that time will be better spent focusing on our stream right now.

We love the team and all the members on it. We have gone out of our way to do what we could for all of the members. A lot of the members have gone out of their way to do what they could to make the team better. They have followed, visited, hosted, donated and even subbed to other members. On the other hand, there were some that didn't show the same respect. I will say one last time and this goes for anything in life; not just Twitch. You get out what you put in!

Thank you for believing in BeardedGuysGaming and thank you for believing in the Beard Brigade. We hope to still see all of you in our stream or other members streams. As well as we will still do our best to watch as many of your streams as possible! Just because there isn't a "team", we are all still a community and more importantly friends! As always you can reach out to us with any questions you may have or if you just need somebody to talk to.

Again, Thank You and good luck on all of your current and future endeavors. #beardstroke

-Matt and Joe


As of October 1, 2018 the Beard Brigade will be ending. We feel this is best for us and the team for several reasons. We appreciate your support and will see you in chat(s)!

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