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9th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

HCT APAC Debacle

Well I just got home after an eventful day, I have finally made it back to champs after years of work for the chance to make it to worlds (every hearthstone player's dream and aspiration). I should be elated, but it is extremely bittersweet and due to the circumstances I how I have made it, I feel doubt in if I truly deserve it despite my plays or lineup decisions or preparation.

This post is aim to shed some light regarding the events that actually unfolded from my perspective and hopefully clarify peoples understanding of the situation. Even though I am the person who benefited from the whole situation therefore people might question my credibility, I want to make a statement about what went on from my perspective in what I think is an unfair ruling.
In the first game, my opponent’s worst deck managed to get a win, and I was in a roller coaster of emotions after this bad start to the series. I was left waiting an extremely long time with my own thoughts until suddenly the Blizzard admin informed that there will be a regame due to technical difficulty.

At this point, I feel genuine emotions of disbelief but also excitement of a second life before it hits me that what it must feel like for Sequinox. I started asking my local venue admin as to what might have happened as we kept playing and he's informing that the live commentary might have leaked through the Skype call which is used to broadcast players' live reaction to the stream. As I was playing through the series and learning more and more of the details regarding the situation, it was in my head the possibility of controversy in response to the ruling. When I won, I was told by the blizzard admin that there was no interview. It was not until much later they informed me that a statement will be made.
There have been questions about why I didn’t concede the re-game for game 1. I am a person who values integrity very highly, and I felt that if Blizzard felt that there was a chance that an unfair advantage was gained due to this error, then I should trust Blizzard’s judgement and play out the re-game. Although I am friends with Sequinox and have hung out with him at multiple events, ultimately I trusted Blizzard’s judgement that there could have been an unfair advantage gained and ultimately I was far more focused on correcting my mindset and playing my games during the series to do honour to myself as a competitor.

Having said all this, no amount of statement from myself can make Samuel feel better, nor can words describe the melancholic bitterness that has come after this win, as it almost feels like a pyrrhic victory.
If there is some form of poetic justice or universal karma that exist, I really hope Sequinox can make it through in the future and I hope ruling and situations in future are dealt with more care, so nothing like this can ever happen again and tarnish the reputation of Hearthstone eSports. All that said, I understand the negative backlash I received and hope that this statement can help understand and bring more clarity into the events that occurred today.
Wishing Sequinox the best and kind regards,

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