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Mayhem situation

So im not sure how to start this but ill just say excuse me for the crappy grammar et,c im just here to post some thoughts asap.

So going into Season 1 everyone on our team had high expectations after our Contenders results and seeing the OWL rosters/our early scrim results, Getting to playoffs was already on our minds and we were confident about it. Going in with just 6 players and 1 coach did not bother us at all in the beginning and we even saw it as a strength in some categories but after a while we realized when people got sick or had personal problems that clearly affected their gameplay we could not sub someone out to rest, not even during scrims which did hurt us a bit and cancelling just 1 day of scrims in OWL is potentially 1/3 or 1/4th of the time you have to prepare for an official.
(I dont think having a bit more staff and extra players would have changed much as we were a big mess early on in terms of just basic OW and stage play)

Even after our poor results early on in stage 1 we were still confident even during stage 2 and early stage 3 we kept our confidence and morale high. But after our additions of R2der ,Sayaplayer and Awesomeguy we didnt seem to get any better we always managed to find new problems that just took too long to solve(and it was not because of these additions). And for me personally i think i played ok during the first 3 stages obviously wanted to be the best in my role but i felt like i was moving forward all the time but right as stage 4 started it felt like something was off...everything did , It was hard to find motivation outside of stage 4 playoffs and when that scenario was locked out it felt like we just simply could not improve fast enough from practice and i could not adapt my playstyle fast enough to the way we wanted to play which simply made me lose confidence alongside all the other things happening (Obviously the results and not knowing what the problem was). Even though the poor results we tried to keep a positive and happy work environment which we managed to do but the quality of the scrims and official games just kept fading even though we were simply not playing just for some scrap wins but we were playing for the entire teams careers as a pro.

There was never anything that clashed between us outside of the game which was amazing, and when we were not in the practice room it felt like we were just dudes hanging out because we had fun together. I see this season not as a failure but more as a life lesson and as an achievement to go through a rough season like that with nothing but respect and gratitude for my teammates. Throughout the season i very very rarely got sad from a loss , not because i didnt care but because thats who i am and i try to take losses with positivity and to me sadness /anger wont fix anything unless you can use that sadness/anger to work harder and not let it out on your teammates which most people can. To me a loss is a lesson no matter if its in scrims or an official it just ment that we were simply not good enough and the only way to fix it is by not letting it affect you, accept it and take something from it. I feel like a stronger player and person then ever because of this.

Coming into the off-season everyone on the team knew that big changes were going to happen no matter what , We had our amazing trip to Florida where myself and most of the team took a 3 week break from a computer which was the first time in forever where i actually didnt mind just enjoyingmyself outside of videogames.
(Thanks to all the fans who came to all the events it was truly amazing)
Then it was time to pack it up and go home for off-season and tryouts , Everyone got their fair chance in the tryouts there was a ton of players from all regions trying out including all the S1 Mayhem boys. Obviously i didnt perform good enough but it was fun playing with all these people i have not played with before in a team setting.(GL to everyone playing for Mayhem in S2)

Short messages to the people in the fam.

I will miss all the people in the Mayhem management/Worked with us during the season , Dom , Matt , Rach , Joe , Sid , Nick(GL in ur new team) , Ben , Lando , Jake , Alex , John , Emanuel , Joshua. And many many more, you know who you are <3
I could write something about each and everyone of them but it would literally be pages of text so i will just say that you all contributed to an amazing time of laughter and energy throughout the whole season so THANK YOU!!

Now onto the players :)
TviQ : Extremely hard working player and driven as a person you wanted nothing but the best out of each and every player on our team and you are a prime example of being hungry for a championship always had respect because of how you handled practice. And outside of the practice zone you are just like us swedes in the team, laid back but we have our moments of goofiness! Very close to 2 years as a teammate <3

Zappis : Only spent a few months with you since you joined mid season but i was excited to see you as a role of a captain and ultra flex player. During the season you rolled with the punches and tried every single role on the team basically without ever complaining about anything, It sucks we were such a big mess before you joined and the way we intregated you was not great so you could not get the starting time you deserved. But as people can clearly see now is that you are popping off in the WC so keep it up!

Zuppeh : Zuppeh.... you are a very special human being a finn deep down but you randomly stepped out of your finn mode constantly and made weird jokes which made you such a fun guy to hang around you are the most mechanically skilled support i have ever seen and im sure with stronger structure around you, you can be the next JJonak.

Awesomeguy : When you joined the team it did not take long until people realized that beneath that early shyness you are the most random and goofy guy on the team and we may have not had the best synergy in-game but outside of the game i dont remember a moment that you were in the room and i didnt laugh at least once. I know it was hard to start communicating in English but you worked really hard to learn call-outs in such a short amount of time and i wish you the best!

Sayaplayer : Basically you were my roommate or atleast in a room 1 feet away from me, As soon as you joined you were very open and really wanted to make us a winning team and you kind of felt like a little brother to me and we always shared the same vision in terms of mentality and practice. GL to anyone facing him in S2 , you will need it.

Zebbo : 2 years with you too basically , You were the one that tried to get me on Misfits and accelerated my pro career by miles and i wont forget that. No1 can deny the amount of fun we had scrimming in early Misfits and outside of the game doing random stuff, and you were always open to do stuff. We went through thick and thin together during all these iterations of Misfits/Mayhem and we had more fun each time.

Cwoosh : Literally the funniest and most random but honestly a perfect teammate for any team no matter what. You are a very big reason to why we managed to keep our morale and positivity up. And i dont think i will ever have such a fun tank player to play with again. You went full blind into a new role and completely dominated with barely a few weeks of practice and that is extremely hard to do.

Logix : When i think of someone that works hard and does everything he can to go beyond what people thought was possible mechanically i think of you logix. One might say you single handedly carried most of our contenders matches and proved during the OWL season that no matter how messy our team was you would destroy on ALL hitscan heroes. Give him any hitscan hero and he will pop heads.

And now for the coaching staff : R2der , YeHHH , Mineral
You all obviously worked extremely hard, it sucks the public didnt get to see it because we underperformed and i know it was hard during the season as i might not have shown a lot of appreciation but you all made me into a stronger player and person at the end of the day and i appreciate that a lot. R2der joined and immediately i could tell he would fit in with the team in terms of personality, He is really funny outside of the game but also a mastermind when he steps into the zone. I know it was rough explaining stuff in English but you learned really fast.
YeHHH/Albert , you joined during our roughest weeks which made it tough for you , But you always gave us the info needed to succeed just a shame we never managed to properly execute it. (check out his reddit post about analytics/pre-planning)

And now for Mineral who i have been on a team with literally since i started playing OW basically, almost 2 and a half years now. You always believed in me and knew what i was capable off and we managed to go from a team of friends to full time salary and a gaming house in just a few months i still feel bad to this day for leaving you to go to Misfits but since i knew you well enough and how understanding you are i knew deep down you would be happy for me , im not proud of that decision but that decision eventually brought me to this team and eventually you too. I absolutely think S2 Mayhem under Minerals leadership will be scary and i hope to face them.

Thats it , No BS and no bad feelings about anyone who ever touched this team GL to everyone and hope to see you all in LA next year!

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