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5th Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

[ENG] Drop our organization and looking for new one + roster change

First of all,
thanks to 'Element Mystic' who support us until this time. we announced that we drop our organization and back to 'mantisFPS' for find a better gaming environment. i make this team since 2017. and at the very first of APAC FINALS we were 2nd and got slots for brazil proleague finals in sao paulo 2017. everyone know APAC is getting bigger and bigger. but after finals other APAC Teams found a good organization or support but we didn't.

so thought we have to disband the team (will explain this bit later) then we playing under by 'yetti' about 4 month but didn't got nothing. then 'Element Mystic' contact us, and helped us. once again truly thanks to former org. but sadly. can't tell you exactly how much we got paid from 'EM'

let just say, we still have to work 10 hours everyday without holiday (yes, without holiday not a joke) can only practice 3 hours, 5 days in a week. like i said before from sao paulo. we can't practice as we want and keeps little bit falling step by step. but we bring 'h3dy' still only can practice 3hours, 5days in a week but we really try our best and finally got a slots for paris major. and we won against 'immotals' lost by 'millenium'. but still there is nothing change at all.

and everyone is exhausted, funny and sad thing is we are not some 3rd world country people but 2 of my players even got 'Malnutrition' because working so hard to live & practice after paris major. people will say 'why don't you guys focus more on the reality' but simply example paris major. standing against one of the best team in the world isn't easy. we have to try harder more then before. more then 3hours ,5days in a week. so i think this is our one last chance to find a good org so we can keep dreaming and living in the E-sports scene. from now on we officially drop our organization and looking for new one. hope we can get some offer like about gaming house or good payment so player can focus 100% to practice. players are not just 'player' to me. i feel they are my friends,family,old and young brother. i feel responsibility. so if you only just wants 'player'? it's ok. if you need a coach and manager? i can work without money until teams getting stable, until your organization find a new coach & player.

'h3dy' will leave the teams and 'Nova' will replace to him

he got a really good offer from other country. so he will leave the team after korea proleague final and we already found one of the best player in korea 'Nova'. problem is he is currently playing for 'NewLife' in proleague, so he can't join next APAC Finals right now.he will join our teams next season. so worst situation is i might have to play this APAC final as a player. so please don't judge my teams performance at this APAC Finals.

thanks everyone who read this & understanding my poor english skills
i will drop my google link here for someone who need a info about my team

-coach & manager-
inyeong 'SummerRain' Kim

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