Thank you Mayhem

I won't be continuing my Overwatch journey with Florida Mayhem. Season 1 of OWL has been an amazing experience for me and full of fond memories and despite all the struggles and uphill battles I'm glad I got to spent it with the players and staff of Florida Mayhem. Ever since the first day of coming to LA I felt very welcoming and like a part of a big family. For that I'm truly grateful.

For the fans of Mayhem and me personally I would like to give you my warmest thank you. Thank you for watching our games live at the Blizzard arena, thank you for joining your fellow fans at the watch parties, thank you for coming to meet us during our Florida tour, thank you for keeping up our spirits in social medias and thank you for watching our games on twitch and kept cheering us on. You people are awesome and I hope you will find passion in following OWL in the future as well.

As a competitive player I'm obviously disappointed in myself and in my team for our performance during the regular season. Surely we had problems on multiple fronts and it all reflected in our season score, but me individually I have been thinking hard what I could've done better and what I should be doing moving forward. For all the struggles and frustrations we experienced I think we all have grown as players, staff, management and coaches and I think these experiences are what have given me the most insight from my time in Mayhem.
As for the future I feel extremely motivated to continue playing. During the off-season I've had time to reflect on my past season, what I've learned and what I want to do with the future. I have grown a lot as a player and I'm not done yet.. I still know what it takes to win, I still want to compete and I still want to show the world my capabilities as a player. I will take the frustrations of season one and turn them into passion for the game, competition and self-improvement. I will be grinding hard as an individual and as a member of Team Finland for the world cup.

Thank you for all the support and I'll see you guys at BlizzCon!

As of today I'm openly looking for a new team for the next season.

Also DMs are open and you can hit me up at discord (zappis#7254)

Till next time.
Joonas "zappis" Alakurtti

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