Cody Sun · @Cody_Sun1

3rd Sep 2018 from TwitLonger

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Thoughts on today

Just for clarity sake, I have not sustained any injuries nor did I have a family emergency to attend to. The decision for Rikara to play in the TL series was strictly a decision made by the coaching staff of the team. I was instructed to watch the game from home and be ready in case I needed to be subbed in. Even though I wasn't playing it still sucks to see my teammates lose, knowing all the time and effort that everyone has put into this week. Props to Rikara for playing his heart out in a very difficult match-up vs Doublelift and to the rest of my teammates for trying their best today. Thank you to all the fans whom were concerned about me and for everyone who cheered for 100Thieves in our matches today.

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