IeSF, Serbian esports association and Serbian CS:GO scene involved

IeSF World Championship is a tournament that has several game disciplines and somewhere around 50-60k $ prize pool split up across them respectively.

I'll be talking about CS:GO in particular since I have no clue how other games operate. Last year CS:GO has $17,978 up for grabs among the teams who place in top 3. Also, last year I was the captain of a mix team which won Serbia's IeSF qualifier ( We eventually didn't go to World Championship Finals due to one of our player's (aVN) lack of responsibility and not submitting passport scan in due scheduled deadline which resulted us not travelling and therefore not participating there.

However, this year there's no qualifier for the country of Serbia since Serbian esports Association (SESA) decided to handpick a certain team (ULTI coin) to make them the representatives of our country (which I got explained by their Team Manager Nenad Markovic is according to their Statute respectively). All of that was caused to avoid and prevent last year's case, but in that case why do you write off other players in here not giving them any opportunity to prove themselves?

Now, I wouldn't be writing this if there weren't some major flaws in this whole process, I'll just write down a few:

1) their line up isn't made of 5 Serbian citizens (maden is from Montenegro, although I've been told he has submitted a request to get Serbian citizenship, and if he fails to do so there will be a replacement)
2) if maden gets Serbian passport by which criteria were they chosen as they are arguably the best solution to represent us, they haven't proven themselves in home soil good enough yet to claim their respect (for example if we were talking about Valiance I would say they are the best solution to represent Serbia)

I would like to point out I am not salty by any means nor do I claim I am the best suitable option to represent my country, I just want everyone to get equal opportunity and to prove themselves in a fair way. In the end, I am the one who would love to see our country being represented in the best possible way, even if it meant I am not fit to represent it.

When it comes to losing respect to players here, they have been asked to represent Serbia on IeSF by Serbian esport Association and they have accepted it which doesn't seem right to me cause if they had any morale, conscience and respect towards their friends, colleague players and ex team mates they would've declined it and asked for fair & square qualifiers.

This is just some info regarding this matter as many people have asked me previously and wondered what's going on, even I didn't know up until tonight so now when I've received some answers hopefully no one gets mad for sharing my 2 cents on this, as I believe everything should be transparent.

(Sorry for wall of text!)

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