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17th Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

FREE AGENT - My situation of the last months

May some of you guys know it already but I got benched from panthers mid season after the berzerk official in the ESL Meisterschaft. The reason why I already got benched was simply the fact that mantuu came back and had time for everything. I was in a really awkward position where I didn't know what's wrong or what's right. I just decided to "not really" care about it that I got benched and just played my game 'cuz DuDe told me that I need to play or more like he wants me to play the german leagues still. I was "okay" with it even though I'm a guy who wants to compete internationally and never really cared about german leagues. The main problem of the season was that after I got benched we never pracced ever again. I think we had 1 warmup game before we faced friendlyfire in the last game of the ESL Meisterschaft. They pracced with mantuu most likely and they also switched things up so I needed to adapt and Inferno for example was a map I never played with them and it was really hard to play that map with them 'cuz I didn't know how their executes and defaults actually work it was pretty much exhausting and really annoying kinda.

Anyway I hope some people can understand how hard the season was for me and now I just wanna say thanks to everyone in the team who helped me out especially Bernard who did help a lot with ingame problems I had in the past. You guys still made it a good and funny season even tough the situation for me overall was pretty much fucked and also the organisation which was pretty nice and helpful when problems came up. THANK Y'ALL

Now the important part I'M FREE AGENT looking for new opportunities INT or GER just add me on STEAM if you're interested:

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