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NDiMS 2018 Conference Outline

New Directions in Media and Sociology Research 2018 Conference

“Digital Lives and Alternative Politics”

NDiMS 2018 Programme Outline


9.00 am - 9.45 am: Registration

9.45 am – 10.00 am: Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speech by Dr. Athina Karatzogianni, University of Leicester

10.00 am – 11.00 am: Keynote lecture by Dr. Lina Dencik, Cardiff University

11.00 am – 11.15 am: Break, tea and coffee

Session I: Offline/Online surveillance and counter/alternative politics

11.15 am – 11.30 am: “Reflections on the WeMakeThe.City festival: a discursive- material perspective” Daphne Mangalousi, University of Leicester

11.30 am – 11.45 am: “Unit: hacktivism resistance to surveillance realism” Silvia Semenzin, University of Milan

11.45 am – 12.00 pm: “Indigeneity Discourse within Kurdish Political Movement and Its Significance for the Indigenous Peoples of the Middle East’ Aynur Unal, University of Leicester

12.00 pm – 12.15 pm: “The Battle against ISIS/Daaesh and Beyond (?): A Case Study of British Muslims and the #NotInMyName Movement” Kartini Kamaruzzaman, University of Leicester

12.15 pm – 12.35 pm: Q & A and Discussion (20 minutes)

12.35 pm – 13.35 pm: Break and Lunch

Session II: Minority populations in the web and representation and fighting back

13.35 pm – 13.50 pm: “Intersectional Feminist Collective” INTRSKTR, Leicester

13.50 pm – 14.05 pm: “Coping with Media Suppression: A critical discussion of online-circulation utilization by filmmakers in Malaysia” Amin Affendi, University of Glasgow

14.05 pm – 14.20 pm: “Post-gay, Pre-gay, or Non-gay? The Negotiation and Self-Presentation of Non-normative and Non-binary Women on the mainland Chinese Internet” Eva cheuk –Yin Li, King’s College London

14.20 pm – 14.35 pm: “Social media, charities and people with rare health conditions” Iain Riddel, University of Leicester

14.35 pm – 14.55 pm: Q & A and Discussion (20 minutes)

Session III: Independent/ investigative journalism and commercialization of information

14.55 pm – 15.10 pm: “Investigative journalists in Beijing and Online Information” Nairui Xu, Lancaster University

15.10 pm – 15.25 pm: “Selecting the news in the UK, Sweden and Greece” Andreas Anastasiou, University of Leicester

15.25 pm – 14.40 pm: “Is the Chinese Online Public Opinion Valuable for Policy Reference? A study of online news comments from Sina and Sohu on the Tianjin Explosion Case” Zipeng Li, University of Edinburgh

14.40 pm – 14.55 pm: “Video content reception in the land of telenovelas: a case study of Brazilian connected youth” Flavio Garcia da Rocha, University of Leicester

14.55 pm – 15.15 pm: Q & A and Discussion (20 minutes)

15.15 pm – 15.25 pm: Break, tea and coffee

15.25 pm – 16.20 pm: Keynote lecture by Professor Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths, University of London

16.20 pm – 16.40 pm: Closing remarks

16.40 pm: Social event, Bankfield House

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