14th Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

Being Replaced/Valiance

Receiving news from HLTV and twitter has become the new "professional" way of letting your teammate know he's being replaced. After having an argument with the organization they decided to replace me, i can understand that, but atleast the players that i considered friends could've told me what was going on but let's forget about that, being butthurt doesn't help anyone. I played in the team from January 2017, fought hard together as a team in and out of the game, later on i became the IGL of the team since i had a plan on how we can become better as a team.We managed to qualify for some big tournaments, and did some good damage there.

2 months ago i decided to step down from the IGL role and hand it to LETN1 in order to improve the team's atmosphere, reduce my stress as an IGL and get a fresh start since i didn't see the improvements that i wanted to see and that made me have a bad attitude on pracc games.Since then we kinda started playing worse and dropped in rankings from #26 to #48, multiple reasons were responsible for that i guess but individually and teamwise we started declining.

However, my motivation to show what i posses and what i can bring to the table is HUUUGE, i can bring value as an IGL, lurker, whatever, i can play it all.So for any team that is interested in trying me out feel free to contact me, i'll be ready!

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