Jake Lambert #edfringe #review

Jake Lambert: little lost lad
@ Pleasance Courtyard

Comedy Reviewer 7/10
Edfringe 4 stars ★★★★

Knowing that this was his debut solo hour I went in with low expectations, however I'm delighted to say that I was pleasantly surprised with what he offered. This is a triumph of a debut; it ticks all the boxes and has you laughing for the full hour. He has a lovely manner with good stage presence and a strong, clear delivery. His tales are full of gags and his crowd interactions are spot on.

This is a comedian who has learned his trade in order to make certain that his debut would not be a let down. His labours have paid off tremendously as this show is anything but disappointing. Well-planned and well-polished; he's proven he has the skill and, by the looks of things, he also has the determination.

It's busy up here at this time of year but Jake Lambert has the ability to make a name for himself. A very good show.

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