Update on TI8

Its that time of the year.

I know what you're thinking, i'm a god damn baboon.

Let me just clarify a few things.
Since 2012 I've been travelling to A LOT of different countries around the world and i never had any issues getting there, now you're probably thinking about TI7 USA and that's true but there's a lot of misunderstanding here. All the documents were in order it was just a small mistake that had big repercussion. I used the W word at the border and that meant I got refused as everyone knows.

So for Canada
I just want to be completely transparent with you guys, in my late teens, 8 years ago i did one stupid fucking mistake man. Nothing serious but enough to have a dot on my record and that has never caused any issues travelling anywhere however Canada is very strict about this stuff and while i still can get into Canada the procedures have been unbelievably slow. I started one and a half month ago and i probably need another month or two at least.
And as i said at the start having been to a lot of countries i never had anything close to this, its always been quick so i thought 6 weeks was more than enough, the only one that took a few weeks was for USA and that was just book a visa appointment and then it was done.

You're probably thinking i'm an incompetent baboon and that's probably true on some level but in the 6 years i have been travelling not once have i had issues fixing the necessary documents in time and ofc this had to be for TI. I'm really bummed out about this, I know a lot of people wanted to meet me there so i'm sorry about this and sorry to valve for managing to miss the event twice in a row and i know how important i am to the event, seeing what a failure TI7 was because i missed it, it is likely TI8 will be really bad without me aswell :(

Whats coming up
I will do more events if i get invited, having had a lot of fun at the super major and epicenter its something i want to do more of, i will also be streaming TI from home. Even though I can't go this year, I will ensure this issue is sorted for future events.

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