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6th Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

Grzegorz "Szpero" Dziamałek signed by AGO Esports

Grzegorz "Szpero" Dziamałek signed by AGO Esports!

Grzegorz "Szpero" Dziamałek changes the team after more than two years. The 27-year-old player on Monday signed a contract with the Polish organization AGO Esports, taking Michał "Snatchie" Rudzki’s role. On Tuesday, Grzegorz will play his first match under the Hawks, and throughout August together with the team, he will work on tactical aspects.

"I am very happy that Szpero joined the AGO Esports. It is a very well thought-out move that will ensure the team not only a high level of skills, but also a lot of experience and, what is even more important, a higher hunger for victory and winning mentality. Grzegorz is a very talented player with high media recognition and good reputation, so he is fully worthy of playing for the Hawks. "- that's how the CEO Jakub Szumielewicz greeted the new player in AGO Nest.

Szpero began his professional career in Counter Strike 1.6, appearing alongside Jarosław "Pasha" Jarząbkowski and Paweł "Innocent" Mocek. He celebrated his greatest successes at the turn of 2016 and 2017, many times becoming TOP3 of international tournaments with second place taken at World Electronic Sports Games 2016 in China as his biggest success.

"Every player is a challenge for me. I am happy that Szpero joins AGO, and I believe that Grzegorz will be able to play in the AGO on his undiscovered top level. He really likes his job, and wants to be the best in the world. He wants to take responsibility for his team. I will do what I can to prepare him for fight for the highest goals. Exciting months awaits us!"- sums up Sebastian Krzepota, the team's coach.

AGO Esports was established in 2016, with Counter-Strike division climbed up TOP16 place of HLTV ranking, overtaking other Polish formations. AGO Esports is the only Polish organization that regularly appears in the most prestigious league - ESL Pro League. With ups and downs, we believe that we will be able to jump into even higher level.

Grzegorz, we're waiting for your first flicks and crazy shots! We hope you will like the Nest, and the fans will love your gamestyle!

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