Get some perspective.

I think its time that people gained a little perspective and started using a bit of common sense before they post on social media. The last few days have been a massive eye opener in regards to the attitude of some people, and some of the things i have read have made sick to my stomach. I get that Corey Feldman has people that want to support him, i also understand feeling the need to defend him, been there, done that and for me, i will never go back there, but honestly, the lengths some of his fans and supporters will go to in order to prove a point and stay loyal is quite frankly shocking.
I felt i wanted to address this as some of the comments i am reading are getting way out of hand and some are completely awful and uncalled for. I myself am not a survivor of child sex abuse, but it is no stranger to my family. I have never felt comfortable sharing the story for several reasons, the main one being it is not mine to tell, but it would be fair to say i come from a family that knows this heart break all too well. Although i may not talk about the details of things that i know happened, i am comfortable enough to say that when things came to light in my family, my poor mothers heart was broken. I am pretty sure she spent countless nights in the privacy of her own room crying over the things she found out, but the main thing i remember is her unwavering strength and determination to support her children through what they had endured. My family, the ones that suffered the abuse, they never got justice. In the one instance that charges were filed, the perpetrator walked out of court with community service, which was a complete slap in the face considering legally, he should have been sentenced to 10 years easily for what he had done. But the other instances, where the person went to the grave never facing the consequences of his actions, died knowing he had gotten away with it. The police were never called, he was never reported and the reason for that was because my sisters never actually said anything until they were adults, by which time the actual choice of whether to prosecute was in their hands, it was their decision. They chose to say nothing, letting this person pass away and leaving themselves with a lot of problems that even now, roughly 20 years later, they are still dealing with. Life under normal circumstances is rarely black and white, and while you may think parents should be able to fix everything, its naive and child like to actually believe that is true. I am a mother to 2 beautiful children and yes i would lay down my life for both of them in equal measures. I can teach them right from wrong and i can teach them about all the dangers of the world, and i can constantly assure them that no matter what happens to them in life i am always there for them and make sure they are comfortable enough to come and talk to me no matter how hard it might be. Even the thought of one of my babies scrapping their knee hurts me, so to be a mother who has to face the reality of my child being sexually abused,... I cannot even comprehend it.
That said, i see the verbal abuse being thrown at Judy Haim each day and it makes me angry. Her beautiful son was a public figure who had and still has a lot of people that love and adore him. Corey Haim was a great actor who passed away too soon, and left a massive hole in his mothers heart that will never be filled. Corey Haim was also human. He hurt and bled just like you and me, and just like everyone else, he dealt with things in his own way. All of you that support Corey Feldman, who have jumped up on your high horse over the last few days and started throwing hate and abuse Judy's way, again, really need to step back and ask yourself a question. Were you there? Did you see what went on? Do you know the facts? The answer to all the above is NO! You are taking the word of a person who has an axe to grind and your hating on Judy to score cheap points and further his deceitful agenda. Shame on you all. Anyone that saw my very own mother all those years ago when she was given that awful news, could possibly say that she did not have any emotions, all they saw was a wall of strength, they never saw all the times the cracks began to show, and do you know what... I am proud of my mother for that, just like i am proud of Judy! She has had so much thrown at her over the years and not only has she dealt with it with grace, she has dealt with it without 1 of you seeing the cracks in the armour she has built around herself. She does not owe any of you an explanation about the things her son may have gone through, and she most certainly does not owe one to Corey Feldman.
Feldfam, as much as were are at loggerheads over our opinions 99% of the time, i ask just one thing of you. Support Feldman if that is what is in your heart to do, but do it with some decency. Leave Judy out of your comments and arguments and leave her in peace.

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