Regarding fAst and Lollipop21k

After 3 days of reviews, conversations and investigations. Where we with the help of players from FPL, reviewing demos of fAsts actions during the final matches of FPL Challenger July Season, and giving their feedback.
We have reached the conclusion that fAst will be banned 6 months for severe unsportsmanlike conduct, due to his actions during several games directly destroyed the race for first place between Lollipop21k and Brokyy on July 31st.
Furthermore, we have concluded that Lollipop21k was not involved in any collusion with fAst to try and alter the outcome of these matches. fAst acted on his own accords.
Lollipop21k will advance to FPL and brokyy will remain there as well, due to fAst’s actions directly interfered with him losing the top spot.

Going forward, any player, especially someone with conflict of interest or has a direct link to one of the top ranking players. That has not actively tried his/her best during the month and comes to play during the last 48 hours of the month and trolls, throws or otherwise is not taking the game serious will be punished in a similar way to fAst.
Each case will be handled on a case to case basis, with the evidence available.

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