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2nd Aug 2018 from TwitLonger

Michał „Snatchie” Rudzki leaves AGO Esports

After playing for AGO Esports for over a year, Michał „Snatchie” Rudzki leaves the Nest. The 20 year old player became the new sniper of On Tuesday, he’s signed a contract with the Russian organization, joining one of the most successful teams in the world.

Snatchie’s last appearance under the Hawks banner will happen during the closed qualifiers for the StarLadder I-League Season 6. He’s going to spend the entire week training with the team in the Gaming Office in Warsaw, which will give him a chance to meet and say goodbye to all the members of the organization.

- As the CEO of AGO Esports I’d like to thank Michał, in my own name and all of the Hawks, for everything he’s done for the development of the team’s potential and quality. I deeply believe that we’ll hear a lot about Michał’s successes on the global esports arena. We’ll always remember him as extremely ambitious and brave teammate. – said Jakub Szumielewicz, CEO of AGO Esports.

Michał joined AGO Esports on 4th of July 2017. The organization has shown interest in the player when, along with the Org Incoming mix, he’s cause quite a ruckus. The team, made of both experienced players and young talents, played in DreamHack Valencia’s open qualifier and, surprisingly, has defeated the front-runner - PRIDE - 16:11. In the deciding match, after overtime, they also sent iGame home, winning 22:18. In the closed qualifier, after playing close maps, they’ve lost 1:2 to Team LDLC. Few days later, Snatchie and his team were already representing AGO. The sniper, called “The Beast” by the casters and fans, played 432 maps for the Hawks, getting 8198 frags. Almost 30% of that were headshots..

- I believe that the skill and expertise, that Snatchie made of the AGO Esports experience will let him achieve further successes and development. That would make me happy, as it would summarize the work that we’ve put into Michał’s growth, as a player and a person. – commented the transfer Sebastian Krzepota, Performance Coach of AGO Esports.

Snatchie’s new organization,, was established in 2003. One of the biggest achievements of the Bears was winning the ESL Major Series One in Katowice, 4 years ago. You’ll be able to follow Michał under the new banner in offline tournaments and in the online league ESEA MDL.

Michał, thank you for proper representing AGO Esports and helping us build the organization since the very beginning. We wish you luck on the next steps of your career!

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